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Merger of Dearness Allowance with Basic Pay-Finance Ministry reply..

 Merger of Dearness Allowance with Basic Pay-Finance Ministry reply..

The All India Audit & Accounts Association has published a letter from Finance Ministry to National Council Secretary Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra on 17.6.2014, regarding the main demand of merger of dearness allowance with basic pay.

Finance Ministry said in the letter, 6th Central Pay Commission did not recommend merger of dearness allowance with basic pay at any stage and the recommendations has accepted by the Central Government vide resolution dated 29.8.2008.

The content of the letter is reproduced and given below for your information…

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
North Block, New Delhi
Dated 17th June, 2014
Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra,
National Council (Staff Side),
Joint Consultative Machinery for Central Government Employees,
13-C, Ferozshah Road,
New delhi-110 001

Subject : Merger of Dearness Allowance with Basic Pay – regarding

This is in reference to letter No.NC-JCM/2014/DA/DP addressed to the Hon’ble Finance Minister regarding merger of Dearness Allowance (DA) with Basic Pay. It is stated that the Sixth Central Pay Commission did not recommend merger of DA with basic pay at any stage. This has been accepted by the Government vide Resolution dated 29.8.2008

Yours faithfully
Under Secretary to the Government of India

LDC/UDC ISSUE : Going through the comments of the viewers

LDC/UDC ISSUE : Going through the comments of the viewers!

Dear friends,

More than two dozen comments have been posted on the JCM Staff Side memorandum, recommending upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC, published in this web site. Most of the LDCs working in various Departments, posted comments are stated that they are doing duties of higher posts with Rs. 1900 Grade pay. A person who is working in the KVS has written that in his Organization LDCs are doing duties of UDC and LDC both because in maximum offices single LDCs are posted and they are compelled to complete the work by sitting extra time. (Our opinion is that the Staff Associations of the KVS should demand for increased sanction of Administrative Staff in accordance with the work load and also for an immediate cadre restructuring for the Administrative Staff. According to the recommendations of the Central Pay Commissions cadre restructuring should be done in every five years).

It is no doubt that LDC & UDC are the backbone of the Government Offices especially the subordinate offices and they should get a respectable pay scale. Since the 6th Pay Commission has raised the Educational and technical qualification for the post it has become an anomaly and that is why this Association has taken up the issue to the higher authorities and as such the issue gained popularity. Resultantly, Confederation and JCM Staff Side was forced to recommend upgraded grade pay for LDCs in their Memorandum to the 7th Pay Commission. Moreover, Department of Expenditure was compelled to issue a common circular for upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC & UDC at Department level through restructuring. But the said order was not adequate to meet the demand and as such we have filed a case in CAT Jabalpur. Some of our friends proposed to take up the issue to the Prime Minister & Finance Minister again. Several of our friends writing comments have proposed to call a strike on the issue of upgradation of the Grade Pay of LDC & UDC. Both are not the demand of the time, I think. As regards to writing letter to Prime Minister, we had already written a letter to the then Prime Minister and same was forwarded to the DoPT and what action has been taken on it by the DoPT, JCA & Ministry of Finance, all are before us. If we sent another letter to the present Prime Minister it will also go through the routs in which our previous letter was travelled. As regards the calling of strike it is only possible when there is a Federation of Ministerial Staff Association representing the entire Ministerial Staff persists and taking a decision unanimously. You all are aware that I had requested all our friends to come to Delhi in support of the Confederation Dharna on 9th January 2014 so that we may put up the issue effectively before the Confederation. But nobody except some leaders of Delhi State Government Administrative Staff Association has come to attend the Dharna. Thus conducting a strike, even a Department level strike, is not as easy as the comment writers think.

Some of our friends have written that large number of posts of LDC & UDCs are lying vacant in their Department and is not filling up the vacancy by the authorities. This should be tackled at their Department level itself. Staff Associations of the respective Department should take initiative for the same.

As regards the case filed by us in the CAT Jabalpur, we have filed the same with an intention to send a message regarding the seriousness of the issue to the Government, 7th Pay Commission and the JCM Staff Side. As a result JCM Staff Side has discussed the matter and accordingly the recommendation for the upgradation of the Grade Pay of LDC has been sent to the Pay Commission. In order to defend the payment of Rs. 2400 Grade Pay to DEO, DoPT has recently issued a revised model recruitment rule for the DEO. And yet, I am sure, 7th Pay Commission will definitely consider the upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC in its report. The case filed in the CAT Jabalpur will go on for a favorable decision so as to get the upgraded Grade Pay to LDC w.e.f. 1.1.2006.

As regards granting of Rs. 4200 Grade Pay to UDCs, all Associations are requested to send the proposal in their memoranda to the 7th Pay Commission on the ground that UDCs are assigned with the duties of Assistants in most of the subordinate offices as the sanctioned posts of Assistants in these offices is far less than the actual requirement.

Confederation’s Memorandum to 7th CPC:
Confederation has proposed to submit a separate Memorandum to 7th Pay Commission. Even though the LDC & UDC issue, submitted by us have been incorporated in the JCM Staff Side Memorandum, any Association is willing to put up anything new regarding to the upgradation of the LDC/UDC and issues related to other administrative Staff and the cadres of common category including MTS may please send their proposal to the Confederation in the following e-mail id by 14th of this month.
Com. M Krishnan, Secretary General:
Com. K.K. N. Kutty, President:

With greetings
TKR Pillai
General Secretary

Disburse the arrears of pension for the period 1-1-2006 to 23-9 2012 – BPS

Disburse the arrears of pension for the period 1-1-2006 to 23-9 2012 – BPS
Implement in letter & spirit the orders dated 01.11.2011 of honerable CAT Principal Bench-BPS writes to secy. GOI M/O Personnel,PG,AR & Pensions
Dated 02.07.2014
Shri Sanjay Kothari
M/O Personnel PG AR & Pensions
Dear Sir,
Sub: Implementation of the order dated 1.11.2011 of Hon’ble CAT, Principal Bench, New Delhi in OA No. 655/2010.
1 Kindly connect DOP &PW letter No. 38/7 7-A/09-P8.PW (A) dated 29th May 2014 addressed to the Secretary(Shri sant Bhushan Lal) Central Government SAG (S-29) on the above subject.
2. At the outset. we will lire to point out that the above letter is in the nature of continuation of willful defiance of the CAT’s order by DOP &PW and is intended to GO AGAINST THE  judicial directives. What is displayed in this letter under reference is a deliberate minister pretation and distortion of the Hon’ble CAT‘s order dated 15. 5.2014 Para 2 of the above letter states that ‘As directed by the Hon’ble CAT, the order dated 111112011 of Hon’ble CAT, Principal Bench. New Delhi is required to be implemented in respect of petitioners in OA No. 655/2010″ which is factually incorrect and misleading. Hon’ble CAT-PB vide its order dated 01 11 2011 quashed clarificatory OM dated 03.10 2008 and directed to refix the pension of all pre-2006 retirees w.e.t. 1 1.2006. based on the Resolution dated 29 08.2008 While dismissing WP (C) No 153512012 of UOI on 29-4-2013. Hon’ble Delhi High Court upheld the verdict of the CAT PB Dismissing SLP (C) No.23055/2013 filed by UOI against the judgement of Hon’ble Delhi High on 29-7-2013 and then Review Petition (C) No 2492/2013 on 12-11-2013 and finally Curative Petition (C) No 12612014 on 30.4.2011, Hon’ble Supreme Court upheld the Judgement of the Hon’ble Delhi High Court with this, CAT verdict dated 1-11-2011. referred to 1 has attained legal finality.
3. On 15 052014, the Hon’ble CAT-PB disposed of Contempt Petition No 158/2012 direct ing the Uo1 to implement the directions of the Tribunal Honble Delhi High Court uphold-ing the verdict of CAT PB, took note of DOP letter F.No. 38137/08-P&PW (A) dated 28TH January. 2013 whereby the pension of all pie-2006 pensioners was stepped up from an arbitrary date ol 24-9-2012 as per the Resolution dated 29-8-2008 Further in Para 2 & 3 of the ludgement it is noted that the Government ol India has tacitly admitted that it was in the wrong and that the Tribunal is correct and the only issue that survives are the denying arrears to be paid to the pensioners with effect from January 01 , 2006
4. The operative part of the Honble CAT’s order dated 15-5-2014 is contained in Para 3 and reads as “It would be appropriate to dispose of the matter with direction to the respon-dents to implement the directions oi the Tribunal expeditiously. preferably within threemonths.‘ (Emphasis added). The direction of the Tribunal is with reference to its order dated 1-11-2011. The Hon’ble CAT never diluted its order dated 1.11.2011 nor could it have done so in its contempt jurisdiction especially when its order dated 1.11.2011 had got merged with the judgment dated 29.4.2013 of the Hon’ble Delhi High Court in WP (C) No. 1535/2012.
4.1 Consequently, contention of implementing this directive only in respect of the members of the SAG S-29 Association up to the date of filing of OA No. 06550010 is not valid All retired Central Government employees covered under the category of pre 2006 pension-ers are entitled for re-fixation of pension from 1-1-2006 as per the directive of the CAT-PB dated 1-11 -2011. which has been upheld right up to the Apex Court while dismissing SLP/Review petition/curative Petition in this case.
6 We. therefore, earnestly request you to please implement judicial verdict in its true spirit and content by issuing necessary instructions to the concerned authorities to disburse the arrears of pension tor the period 1-1-2006 to 23-9 2012 and stop further harassment and hardship to the aged pensioners in 70s and 80s (and a number of them being above 80-85 years at age) in their sunset years. For this, all that is required is to issue a corrigendum to your OM No 38140/12-P&PW(A) dated 28-1-2013 making it effective w.e.f. 1-1-2006.
Thanking you in anticipation.
With regards
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully.
S.C. Maheshwari
Secretary Gent Bharat Pensioners Samaj
Encl: Copy of DOP &PW letter under reference

Motivation through Incentive Bonus to Examiners of QC in Ord Fys.

Status of Incentive Bonus to Examiners of QC in Ordnance Factories – BPMS
Status of Incentive for QC (OFB) Examiners
Grievance Status
Current Status : The proposal is under consideration. It being a policy issue needs time to examine threadbare. Decision will be communicated in due course.
Date of Action : 26 Jun 2014
The text of the letter is reproduced below…
CENTRAL OFFICE: 2-A, NAVEEN MARKET, KANPUR – 208001, PH & FAX : (0512) 2332222
MOBILE: 09415733686, 09235729390, 09335621629, WEB :
REF: BPMS / MOD / 72(7/3/R)
Dated: 15.02.2014
The Joint Secretary (P &C),
Department of Defence Production,
Govt of India, Min of Defence,
South Block, DHQ PO,
New Delhi – 110011.
Subject: Motivation through Incentive Bonus to Examiners of QC in Ord Fys.
Respected Madam,
With due regards, your attention is invited to meeting held with your good self and BPMS reps on 12.12.2013 wherein one of the issues was raised regarding grant of incentive bonus to Examiners of Quality Control in Ordnance & Ordnance Equipment Factories and you had assured to do the needful.
This letter is to bring to your kind notice that vide OFB letter No. 108/POLICY/TS/QCS, Dated 12.09.2012 addressed to Sr GM /GM of all Ord Fys, the then DGOF & Chairman OFB had reflected his concerns over the ‘Quality Management System in Ordnance Factories’ which needs improvement to enhance User’s confidence in our products.
In this regard, this federation vide letter no. BPMS / OFB / 72(7/3/R), dated 19.09.2012 urged the then DGOF & Chairman, OFB to give some incentive to Examiners at least on par with Maintenance workers to motivate the Examiners, to contribute their knowledge, experience cent percent to the organization.
This federation has been grateful to the OFB on considering the above in correct perspective and for inviting the comments from Sr GMs/GMs of all Ordnance Factories whether Examiners may be provided some incentives. It is learnt that almost all Sr GMs/GMs have recognized the role of Examiners and recommended to grant incentive to Examiners at least on par with Maintenance workers. Since then the matter is pending in OFB.
Therefore, you are requested to take necessary action on priority to give Incentive Bonus to Examiners of QC at least on par with Maintenance Workers to boost the morale of Examiners and remove their apathetic attitude.
Thanking you.
Sincerely yours
Secretary/BPMS &
Member, JCM-II Level Council (MOD)
Source: BPMS

Deputation/Tours abroad – revised deputation proforma reg.

Finmin orders on Deputation/Tours abroad – revised deputation proforma reg.
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
North Block, New Delhi,
2nd July, 2014
Office Memorandum
Subject :- Deputation/Tours abroad – revised deputation proforma reg.
Reference is invited to this Departments OM No. 23(2)/E-Coord./2006 dated 11th December 2007 on the above subject.
2. The deputation proforma prescribed under the above cited reference has been revised and the revised proforma is enclosed. The administrative Ministries / Departments and their Internal Finance Wing may ensure that proposals for consideration of the Screening Committee of Secretaries are submitted as per the enclosed revised deputation proforma. While submitting the proforma to this Department it may be ‘ensured that all the points contained therein have been addressed/replied upon satisfactorily, failing which proposals will be returned unprocessed by D/o Expenditure.
(Sudha Krishnan)
Joint Secretary to the Government of India

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