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7th Pay Commission – Expected Pay Scales shows significant raise in salary for Central Government Employees

7th Pay Commission – Expected Pay Scales shows significant raise in salary for Central Government Employees

Hurry..! 7th Pay Commission’s report to be implemented on 01.01.2016

Estimated Pay Scales shows substantial increase in salary.

New Delhi, There is a good news for Central Government employees that 7th Central Pay Commission’s report will be implemented with effect from 01.01.2016. Central Government employees are expecting merger of dearness allowance, increase in other allowances such as house rent, children education allowances etc. with the implementation of this report.

With the beginning of 2016, pay scales proposed by 7th pay commission will be implemented. Our reports suggests that expected pay structure would be similar that we have produced. If this happens then there would be three times jump in the salaries of central government employees.


7th pay commission has reiterated that ratio between the minimum and maximum pay scales proposed by 6th pay commission was 1:12. It has also reiterated that there are lots of anomalies left, after the implementation of 6th pay commission and those anomalies will certainly be taken care of. It is expected that ratio between the minimum and maximum pay would be 1:13. This will certainly be annoying factor for employees unions.
Employees unions are studying estimated pay scales and would certainly be registering its suggestions soon.
Till date central government has notified six pay commissions before notifying seventh in February 2014. First central pay commission was notified in 1946, second CPC in 11957, Third CPC in 1970, Fourth CPC in 1983, Fifth in 1994 and sixth in 2006.

Report of sixth pay commission was implemented w.e.f. 01.01.2016. Sixth pay commission had proposed many newthing such as children education allowance and transport allowance.

It further proposed increase in all allowances by 25% with the increase in dearness allowance to 50% to counter rising inflation. It had also proposed two year child care leave for women employees. These measures were widely welcomed by central government employees. These measures were widely welcomed by central government employees. 6th pay commission had also proposed to modify assured career progression scheme and introduced Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACP).

Now central government employees are expecting modification in allowances and schemes. Employees are expecting increase in house rent, children education allowance, transport allowance and other allowances. Employees are also expecting that currency of Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme will be reduced to five years from 10 years. Employees unions are demanding upgradation in grade pay after five years, if the employee doesn't get the benefit promotion in five years time.

Central government employees are also expecting that 7th pay commission would recommend permanent solution to merger of dearness allowance with basic pay if it crosses 100% mark.

Employees are also expecting increase in annual increment from 3% to 5%. One bone of contention for central government employees is Grade pay Rs. 5400. This grade pay falls both in PB-2 and PB-3.
Employees are expecting increase in grade pay Rs.5400 which falls in PB-3 so that on promotion employees get increase in grade pay along with increase in increment @5% (current increment is 3%).

City compensatory allowance was stopped by 6th pay commission. Employees’ unions wants that city compensatory allowance be restored according to the class of cities.

Expectations are very high let’s see how much 7th pay commission fulfills those. But it is certain that 7th pay commission will bring cheers to around 80 lakhs central government employees and pensioners.


Conferences held by 7th Pay Commission (7CPC) as on 16.01.2015

Conferences held by 7th Pay Commission (7CPC) as on 16.01.2015

Date Meeting with

14.01.2015 At Kolkata: All India Railway Accounts Staff Association, SER Chapter; Technical Assistants’ Association of IIEST; All India Postal Stenographers’ Association; Eastern Railwaymen’s Congress (ERMC); All India Data Processing Officers’ Association; National Institute for the Orthopedically Handicapped Staff Association; Commercial Intelligence Union; Commercial Intelligence and Statistics Employees Association; Employees’ Association, CAT-III, Office of AG, WB; All India Customs Ministerial Officers’ Association; All India Customs Ministerial Employees Federation; National Library Employees Association; East Coast Railway Engineers’ Association; The Company Law Administrative Employees Association; Joint Council of Action of Income Tax Associations, WB.

13.01.2015 At Kolkata: All India P&T SC/ST Employees’ Welfare Association, WB Postal Circle; All India (Postal) Administrative Offices Employees Union; Postal Engineers’ Association; National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organization Employees’ Association; IAS Officers’ Association; Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officers’ Association; IPS Officers’ Association; GSI Scientific Officers’ Association (GSISOA); GSI Employees Association; BARC Officers’ Association; All India Postal Administrative Offices’ Association; National Library Staff Association; National Defence Non-Gazetted Staff Association; National Defence Group ‘B’ Gazetted Officers’ Association; OFB Retired Employees’ Association; All India Ordnance Factories Teaching Staff Association; Indian Railway Medical Laboratory Technologists Association; Indian Ordnance Factory Gazetted Officers Association; National Federation of Printing, Stationery and Publication Employees

15.12.2014 At Jodhpur: Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti; All Staff & Welfare Inspectors of North Western Railway; Retired ICAR Employees Welfare Society (RICAREWES); National Union of Postal Employees (Group-C); All India Train Controllers Association; KVS; All India Ex Para Military Association; Legal Men’s Association (Railways); BRO; Rajasthan Radiographer Association

12.12.2014 At Jodhpur: Laboratory Technician Union, Rajasthan; Aids Control Employees Infection Diseases Centre; Coordinating Committee Central Government Pensioners Organisation, Rajasthan State; All India Pensioners’ Forum for Retired Officers of Central Ex. Customs & Service Tax Deptt.; Defence Laboratories Employees Union; All India Association of Clerical Employees of Ordnance Factories (AIACEOF); Rashtriya Raksha Ayudh Karamchari Sangh; North West Railway Engineers Association; Association of Railway Nurses of India; Indian Railways Technical Supervisors Association; All India Loco Running Staff Association; Public Prosecutors RPF

23.11.2014 Representatives of Supreme Court of India

19.11.2014 At Hyderabad: South Central Railways Employees Sangh; SVP NPA Employees’ Association; Nuclear Fuel Complex, IWU, NUFCOSSA and NFCSAA; Rail Mazdoor Union; All India MES Civilian Engineers’ Association; NIMS Paramedicals Employees Union & Society of Indian Radiographers; All India Central Government Deaf Employees; Scientific Workers Association; All India Retired Railmen’s Federation; All India MES Civilian Engineers’ Association (AIMCEA); ISRO Retired Employees’ Forum; Postal Officers Pension Association; Accountant General Office Pensioners Association; Naval Armament Inspectors Organization; National Defence Group “B” Gazetted Officers’ Association (NDGBGOA); Ordnance Factory Mazdoor Sangh; Government Employees National Confederation (GENC); South Central Railway Engineers Association (SCREA)

12.11.2014 At Shimla: HP State Coordination Committee of Central Govt. Employees and Workers; SAS (Accounts) Association; Central Research Institute Employees’ Association; All India NIC S&T Officers’ Association; All India Postal Administrative Officers’ Employees Union Group “C” and “D” NFPE; All India Association of Inspectors and Assistants Superintendents, Posts; All India Postal Employees Union Group “C”; IAS Officers’ Association

09.11.2014 At Mumbai: IPS Association, Maharashtra; Assistant Audit Officers’ Association; Competent Authority – SAFEMA/NDPSA; Indian Revenue Service Promotee Officers’ Association; Indian Revenue Service Association, Mumbai; Films Division Cameramen; Indian Naval Armament Service Association; Directorate of Marketing and Inspection Employees’ Association, Forest Survey of India
08.11.2014 At Mumbai: All India Defence Pharmacist Association; Orthotics and Prosthetics Association of India; All India CGHS Employees’ Association; All India Association of Statistical Investigators; National Railway Mazdoor Union; All India Naval Technical Supervisory Staff Association; Ordnance Factories Group B Gazetted Officers; National Defence Non-Gazetted Staff Association; All India Association of Non-Gazetted Officers; The Naval Employees’ Union, National Defence Group ‘B’ Gazetted Officers Association

07.11.2014 At Mumbai: ISRO Pensioners’ Association; Directorate of Purchase and Stores Employees’ Association; Atomic Energy Workers and Staff Union; National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees; Atomic Energy Workers and Staff Union; BARC Employees’ Association, Tarapur; All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents; All India Savings Bank Control Employees’ Union; All India Central Labour Welfare Organization Staff Association; Central Government Pensioners’ Welfare Association

06.11.2014 At Mumbai: Central Railway Promotee Officers’ Association; Central Railway Mazdoor Sangh; All India Train Controllers’ Association; Central Railway Engineers’ Association; Bhartiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh; All India Loco Running Staff Association; Western Railway Motormen’s Association; Indian Railways Radiographers’ Association; All India Loco Inspectors’ Welfare Association; Rashtriya Bhartiya Khani Vibhag Karmchari Sangh; Indian Bureau of Mines Employees’ Association; Central Water and Power Research Station; Indian Forest Service Association, Maharashtra

30.10.2014 S30 Retired Pensioners’ Association; PFRDA

29.10.2014 Director General and Other officers of Defence Estate

13.10.2014 At Leh: Personnel of Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Defence Institute of High Altitude Research, DRDO, BRO, ITBP, MES, All Ladakh Central Government Employees Association
09.10.2014 At Dehradun: Non-Gazetted Officers’ Association, LBSNAA; National Institute for the Visually Handicapped Employees’ Union; Ministerial Staff Association, Survey of India; Topographical Staff Association, Survey of India; Class III Service Association, Survey of India; Central Government Library Association; Faculty, Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy; Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy Staff Association; Faculty, Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education

08.10.2014 At Dehradun: National Defence Medical Laboratory Technical Staff Association; All India Association of Clerical Employees of Ordnance Factories; Employees Union Ordnance Factory, Dehradun; All India Association of Non-Gazetted Officers of Ordnance & Equipment Factories and Quality Assurance Organization; Staff Association, Rashtriya Indian Military College; All India DGQA Engineers Association; Wildlife Institute of India

24.09.2014 Indian Ex-servicemen Movement

23.09.2014 CRPF Officers

22.09.2014 BSF Officers; Forum of retired CAPF officers

17.09.2014 Aviation Research Centre

16.09.2014 RPF Group ‘A’ Officers, IIM Bangalore

15.09.2014 Disabled War Veterans (DISWAVE) Association, DG Bureau of Police Research and Development

26.08.2014 At Bangalore: IAS Officers’ Association, IPS Officers’ Association, IFS Officers’ Association

25.08.2014 At Bangalore: IIM Bangalore, ISRO

24.08.2014 At Bangalore: Army Base Workshop (EME) Diploma Holders Association, Bangalore, Air Force Store Keepers Association, All India NCC Defence Civilian Employees Association, Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers – Karnataka State, Atomic Energy Employees Federation, All India Central Excise Inspectors Association, The Indian Hospital Pharmacist Association, Indian Railway Loco Runningmen Organisation, South Western Railways Engineers Association, Railway Wheel Factory, South Western Railway Employees Sangh, All India DRDO Personal Staff Association, DoS Pensioners Forum, Central Government Pensioners Association, Indian Institute of Horticulture Research Employees’ Association, NIMHANS, Veterans Association, All India Loco Running Staff Association

21.08.2014 Physiotherapy Forum; Indian Ordnance Factories Group’B’ Gazetted Officers Association

20.08.2014 Commissioner, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan; Commissioner, Navodaya Vidyalaya Sangathan

24.07.2014 Confederation of Central Government Gazetted Officers Association; National Ex-Servicemen Co-ordination Committee; Indian Ex-Services League

23.07.2014 Bharat Central Pensioners Federation; Bharat Pensioners Samaj; Group ‘B’ Indian Information Service Association; Indian Postal Service Officers Association; DANICS Officers Association; Group ‘B’ Indian Ordnance Gazetted Officers Association

22.07.2014 Police Commissioner, Delhi; DG Coast Guard; IOFS Officers Association

21.07.2014 Director, IB; Director, CBI; Director, RAW

19.06.2014 Indian Economic Service Officers Association; Indian Statistical Service Officers Association; IFS Officers Association; DGs of CAPFs (BSF+ITBP+Assam Rifles+Sashastra Seema Suraksha Bal); DGs of CAPFs (CISF+CRPF+NSC)

18.06.2014 IFS Officers Association; PFRDA; Officers of Department of Financial Services, MOF; Officers of Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare; P&T Finance Accounts Gr.A Officers Association; IRAS Officers Association; Central Health Service Association

17.06.2014 IAS Officers’ Association; Central Engineering Services Officers’ Association (Water+Power+Architecture); Central Engineering Services Officers’ Association (Civil+Electrical+Mechanical+Road Transport+Telecom); Income Tax Officers’ Association; Custom Officers Association; Central Excise Officers Association

16.06.2014 IPS Officers’ Association; Representative of Pay Commission cells of Army, Navy and Airforce; Indian Audit and Accounts Service Association; Cost Accounts Association; Civil Accounts Association; Federation of Railway Officers.


Requirement of Budget for the 7th Seventh Pay Commission

Requirement of Budget for the 7th Seventh Pay Commission

Ajay Tiwari/ SNB writes an article about the Demand of Budget for the 7th pay commission for Central Government employees. We reproduced the article and given under to our readers for easy understanding…
Employee Associations want a separate provision to be placed for them by the Seventh Pay commission during the Budget Meeting. Employee Federations scheduled for a Budget Meeting with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on 17 January. All Federations of CG Employees will jointly submit a single requisition during the budget meeting.

The draft that defines the contents of the requisition was put forth to the Employee Associations on Monday. It is understood that the Employee Associations are expecting a tax exemption for an Annual Income of up to Rupees Five Lakhs; they are going to request the Finance Minister to keep the same minimal amount to correspond to the consumer Price Index also.

Pension to all employees is also a point in the submitted requisition. Along with Pension, a request for Social Security and Free Medical Facility for all Employees is going to be strong point from the Employee Associations, and also they want to remove the restrictions of the Central Government for fresh recruitment.
A request will also be raised in front of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, to make permanent the employees working in various schemes of the government, also the employee associations want to express their objection in front of the Finance Minister to the fact that the FDI is not proper in the departments of Media, Education and Health.

In the requisition submitted by the Employee Associations it will be clearly express their protest against the FDI in the sectors of Defence, Railways, Bank, Insurance, Media and Retail Business, also they will continue their protest against disinvestment in the Public Sector Undertakings.

• Finance Minister called for a meeting with the Employee Unions on 17th.

• Pleas have issues such as Income Tax benefits up to Rs 5 Lakhs and Pension to All.

Brijesh Upadhyay, the General Secretary of B.M.S (Bharatiya Majdoor Sandh), the Employee Union of R.S.S., stated that in terms of Policies, all the Employee Organisations will remain united, and hence there will be only a single requisition submitted in the Budget Meeting on behalf of all Employee Associations.

However, he stated they are working on the Issues that are to be submitted in the requisition that is to be put forth to the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, and it will be finalised within the next 2-3 days. BMS Leader has stated that on Tuesday all the Employee Union Leaders will be available during the meeting with the Labor and Employment Minister, during which there will also be a discussion regarding the budget requisition that needs to be submitted.

The General Secretary of HMS (Hind Majdoor Sabha) Mr HS Sidhu has stated that Issues concerning the Budget Requisition for the Seventh Pay commission, increasing of Income Tax slab to 5 lakhs, Pension to all employees and making permanent all scheme based employees will be a part of the requisition.

An interesting fact to be noted is that most of the demands of the Employee Associations are similar to their previous demands. Previously the Employee Unions couldn’t achieve any of these benefits from the Government and even this time the relationship between the Government and the Employee Unions is not suave. It is awaited to note on Tuesday, how much Labor Minister Bandaru Dattatreya and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley would be able to please the Employee Unions. The General Secretary of BMS Brijesh Upadhyay says that previously the Finance Minister promised an Interim budget and has expressed his inability to give much; hence it is natural that the expectations this time should be more.


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