Monday, 30 March 2015

All central government employees are waiting for the announcement of DA.

All central government employees are waiting for the announcement of DA.

Dearness Allowance is not only important for Central Government employees but also for all the State Government employees.

As we all know, generally, Dearness Allowance is given twice a year based on the inflation rates.
Mostly, this DA has been released at end of February or March. Occasionally, it has been released in the month of April.

Only after the DA for the Central Government employees is announced, most of the State Governments will make DA announcements. After the approval of the Cabinet, the Finance Minister will announce the DA order.

The pensioners have placed a plea to the government to release the DR Relief order also when it announces the Dearness Allowance in order to avoid possible delays in getting DR Relief.

In this scenario, it is natural for the employees to expect the announcement of DA every day. Let us hope that the announcement will come soon.

Past years announcement of Dearness Allowance date vised table below.

Effect Date
Percentage of
01/07/2011 58% 15/09/2011
01/01/2012 65% 23/03/2012
01/07/2012 72% 24/09/2012
01/01/2013 80% 18/04/2013
01/07/2013 90% 20/09/2013
01/01/2014 100% 28/02/2014
01/07/2014 107% 04/09/2014
01/01/2015 May be 113% (6%) ?


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