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4 Month Extension to central government employees 7th pay commission – Finmin issued Notification

4 Month Extension to 7th Pay Commission – Finmin issued Notification

Department of Expenditure has issued resolution for amending para 5 of the earlier resolution issued on 28.2.2014…
भारत का राजपत्र
The Gazette of India
भाग I-खण्ड-I
PART I—Section 1
प्राधिकार से प्रकाशित
सं0- 235]
नई दिल्ली, बुधवार, सितम्बर 9, 2015/भाद्र 18, 1937
No. 235]
व‍ित्त मंत्रालय
(व्यय विभाग)
नई दिल्ली‍, 8 सितम्‍बर, 2015

सं.1/1/2013-ई. III(क).—भारत सरकार ने यह निर्णय लिया है कि इस मंत्रालय के दिनांक 28.02.2014 के संकल्प‍ सं. 1/1/2013-ई.III(क) का पैरा 5 निम्न प्रकार से संशोध‍ित क‍िया जाएगा:—
“आयोग अपनी सिफारिश 31 दिसम्‍बर, 2015 तक प्रस्तुत करेगा। आयोग, यद‍ि आवश्य‍क हो, सिफार‍िशों को अंतिम रूप दे द‍िए जाने पर कसी भी मामले म र‍िपोर्ट भेजने पर विचार कर सकता है।”
रतन पी. वातल, वित्त सच‍िव
(Department of Expenditure)

New Delhi, the 8th September, 2015
No. 1/1/2013-E. III(A).—The Government of India have decided that the Para 5 of this Ministry’s Resolution No. 1/1/2013-E.III(A) dated 28.2.2014 shall be modified as under :—
“The Commission will make its recommendations by 31st December, 2015. It may consider, if necessary, sending reports on any of the matters as and when the recommendations are finalized.”

RATAN P. WATAL, Finance Secy.
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Authority: http://egazette.nic.in/
Courtesy: http://www.staffnews.in/

7th Pay Commission to propose higher HRA

 Seventh Pay Commission to propose higher HRA

New Delhi: The Seventh Pay Commission is likely to propose to increase House Rent Allowance (HRA) of central government employees, besides their basic salaries.
Seventh Central Pay Commission Chairman Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur
By giving House Rent Allowance hikes, the Pay Commission is likely to seek to encourage property owners to rent out their properties, reduce the shortage of dwellings and to provide ‘housing for all central government employees’.

Besides the basic salary, a large portion of central government employees’ salary is the House Rent Allowance; some changes will be made in that category this time.

Instead of the existing three areas for house rent, four are likely to be created. ‘X’ class cities Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, where employees will get 40 percent of their basic salary as House Rent Allowance (HRA), increasing from the existing 30 percent.

Employees posted at ‘Y’ class cities covers near about 90 stations, will receive 30 percent of basic salary, instead of the existing 20 percent.

A new area will be opened for the district towns; the central government employees will get 20 percent of their basic salary as House Rent Allowance (HRA) there.

In other areas, the house rent allowance will be 10 percent of basic, which is the existing rate of House Rent Allowance (HRA) of ‘Z’ class cities.

The existing qualifying threshold of population for HRA classification is 50 lakh and above for X, 5-50 lakh for Y and below 5 lakh for Z class cities.

However, the central government’s salary bill will rise by 9.56% to Rs 1,00,619 crore with the implementation of the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission, according to a statement tabled in Parliament by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on August 12.

Source: TST

Eligibility of Night Duty Allowance for Ordnance Employees fixed at 12380(Band Pay) – PCAFYS Orders on 9.9.2015

Eligibility of Night Duty Allowance for Ordnance Employees fixed at 12380(Band Pay) – PCAFYS Orders on 9.9.2015

Payment of Night Duty Allowance (NDA) at revised rates to the eligible civilian employees working in the Establishments under the Ministry of Defence.

Office of the Principal controller of Accounts (FYs)
10-A, S.K.Bose Road, Kolkata – 700 000
Dated: 09.09.2015
All Cs F A (Fys)

Subject: Payment of Night Duty Allowance (NDA) at revised rates to the eligible civilian employees working in the Establishments under the Ministry of Defence.

Kindly refer to this office earlier circular No.Pay/Tech-II/1206/07 dated 28/05/2015 and No.Pay/Tech-II/1206/2015/08 dated 29/05/2015 under which the orders for payment of NDA at revised rate have been issued. In this regard it is to mention that the ceiling of pay for entitlement of NDA was Rs. 2200/- pm’ vide DOPT order dated 04/10/1989. Keeping in view of pay structure under 6th CPC it has been decided that the ceiling limit for entitlement of NDA may be fixed at Rs.12380/-. While making payment of NDA, an employee’s pay in the pay band will be compared with that figure and if pay in the Pay Band is less than above limit then he will be eligible for NDA at current rates otherwise he is not.

If any of the employees have been paid NDA already in terms of this office earlier circulars dated 28/05/2015 and 29/05/2015 whose pay in the pay band is beyond this ceiling limit, recovery action may please be initiated.

The same may please be communicated to all the Br. AOs under your jurisdiction, for necessary action at their end.

This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.
Joint controller of Accounts (Fys)
Source: www.pcafys.nic.in

7th Pay Commission may submit its report before 30.9.2015 – DREU

7th Pay Commission may submit its report before 30.9.2015 – DREU

Can We Expect 7th CPC Recommendations soon?

7th CPC may not delay its submission
Though Central Government decided to extend 4 months life of Pay Commission, it appears that it was in the background of negotiations with Armed Forces Veterans for referring OROP issue to CPC. Now in the background of across the table settlement of OROP, Govt too not issued any orders for time extn. CPC Chairman was averse to delaying his report. Comrade R.Elangovan DREU Working President analyses the situation nicely about possibilities of submission before 39.09.2015. I do agree with this assessment. More over the postponement of SCOVA meeting scheduled in September also indicates the probability of submission by end of September. I am reproducing Elangovan’s note for all to study! – KR GS AIPRPA

1. Sri A.K. MATHUR,chairman , 7th cpc told the press on 24th August that he will submit his report before 30th September.

2. Cabinet decided on 26th September to extend the tenure of 7th cpc up to 31-12-2015 which raised the suspicion that the submission of the report may be delayed.

3. But so far, until today, the finance ministry has not issued the extension order by notification.

4. The cabinet decision for extension was taken in the context of one rank one pension issue. The government wanted to refer the issue to 7th cpc. But the veterans did not agree to the suggestion. Now the issue has been settled outside the 7th cpc. Hence the need for the extension becomes unwarranted. It is why i think the finance ministry has not issued the extension order and the term as of now has ended on 27th August. 7th cpc website also has not posted any extension of their tenure as no order exists for that. 

5. Now cabinet has taken early decision on 1st july 2015 da so that the 7th cpc can include this da to evolve the formula for revision on 1-1-2016. You are aware that there will be no da on 1-1-2016 either of 6th cpc or of 7th cpc. 

6. Government also has indicated the amount what is feasible and desirable to them through Arun jaitely’s medium term expenditure framework statement by suggesting an increase of about Rs 15000 crores which will be 25% of the basic pay. Even for 40% Rs 24000 cr is needed. Our demand is for 152% more over the existing 219%. Any increase can be possible out of the united struggle.Seriously prepare for the united struggle.

7. Under these circumstances i presume the 7th cpc may submit its report before or on 30th September 2015.
Source: http://postalpensioners.blogspot.in/

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