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Sanction of 6% dearness Relief on the pension of the pensioners of the state of Madhya pradesh

Madhya pradesh Dearness Relief 6% July 2015

No.F 9-2/2015/Rule/IV
Bhopal, dated 6th November, 2015
All Department of Government
The president of Board of Revenue, Gwalior
All Commissioners of Divisions
All Heads of Department
All collectors
Madhya Pradesh

Sub: Sanction of 6% dearness Relief on the pension of the pensioners of the state of Madhya pradesh.

The state Government had sanctioned 113% dearness relief w.e.f 01.01.2015 on pension/family pension to their pensioners/family pensioners vide Finance Department Memo No.F 9-1/2015/Rule/IV dated, 28 May, 2015. The state Government has now decided that the dearness relief admissible to pensioners should be sanctioned as given below. The additional pension payable to the pensioner’s aged 80 years or above shall also qualify for dearness Relief.

PeriodRate of Dearness Relief per Month
w.e.f. 01-07-2015 (Pension/family pension for the month of July, 2015 paid in August, 2015119% of Pension/Family Pension
  1. The above dearness Relief shall be payable on the Superannuation, Retiring, Invalid and Compensation Pension. This dearness relief shall also be payable on the Compassionate Allowance sanctioned to the employees discharged or removed from service and the said dearness relief shall also be payable to persons receiving family pension and extra ordinary pension under the restrictions contained in the Finance Department’s Memo No.F.B.6/43/76/R-II/IV dated 5.10.76. The dearness Relief on the pension/family pension shall not be payable in the cases where the pensioners/family pensioners are appointed/re-appointed under the State Government or autonomous institutions. This relief on family pension shall be payable in cases where a person at the time of the death of the spouse was in service and was not appointed on compassionate grounds. This relief on family pension shall not be payable in cases where a person on account of the death of the spouse has been appointed on compassionate grounds. In this connection attention is invited to the provisions contained in Finance Department’s Memo No.F.B.6/10/76/R-II/IV, dated 27.7.76 read with Memo No.F.B.6/10/77/R-II/IV, dated 2.5.77 and Memo No.F-12-5/2007/Rule/IV dated 19.4.2007.
  2. Pensioners, who have commuted a part of their pension, shall be paid the dearness relief on their original pension (Pension before commutation.)
  3. This Order shall be applicable in respect of State Government employees who had drawn lump sum amount on absorption in PSU/Autonomous body/Board/Corporation etc and have become eligible to restoration of 1/3rd commuted portion of pension in terms of this Department’s memo No.F.9/9/2006/Rule/IV dated 5.1.2007.
  4. Fraction of rupee of the amount to be paid as dearness relief shall be rounded off to the next rupee.
  5. All Treasury Officers/Sub Treasury Officers/Pension Disbursing Officers are directed to make payment of the above sanctioned dearness relief to state Government pensioners early, keepin in view the amended provisions of S.R.347 of the M.P.T.C. Volume-1, issued vide Finance Department’s endorsement No.E.-4/1/83/R-V/IV, dated 29th January, 1983. After payment of dearness relief the same may be got checked from the usual payment authority received from the Accountant General, Madhya pradesh. If some inaccuracy/discrepancy comes to the notice. the same may be adjusted in the payment on next month.
By order and in the name of the
Governor of Madhya Pradesh
(Milind Waikar)
Additional Secretary,
Government of Madhya Pradesh
Finance Department
Signed Copy Madhya-Pradesh-Pensioner-DA-July-2015

Pay Band for Postal Assistant

Pay Band for Postal Assistant

A notification is published by the Department of Posts, Government of India in connection with candidates called for the post of POSTAL ASSISTANTS. Based on this, for the post of POSTAL ASSISTANTS they will be applicable for the scale of pay in Pay Band 5200-20200 with Grade Pay 2400.

Let us know approximately, how much Gross pay will be drawn by the newly appointed Postal Assistant.

If appointed in the rural areas,
Basic pay – Rs.7510
Grade Pay – Rs.2400
Dearness Allowance @ 100% – Rs.9910.00
House Rent Allowance @ 10% (BP+GP) – Rs.991.00
Transport Allowance (Rs.800+100%) – Rs.1600.00
Gross – Rs. 22411.00
If appointed in the A1 cities like CHENNAI, CALCUTTA,MUMBAI & DELHI
Basic Pay – Rs. 7510.00
Grade Pay – Rs. 2400.00
Dearness Allowance @ 100% – Rs. 9910.00
House Rent Allowance @ 30% (BP+GP) – Rs.2973.00
Transport Allowance (Rs.1600+100%) Rs. 3200.00
Gross – Rs. 25993.00

If appointed in the B1 cities (list of B1 cities issued by the Central Government)
Basic Pay – Rs. 7510.00
Grade Pay – Rs. 2400.00
Dearness Allowance @ 100% – Rs. 9910.00
House Rent Allowance @ 30% (BP+GP) – Rs .1982.00
Transport Allowance (Rs.800+100%) – Rs.1600.00
Gross – Rs. 23402.00

Apart from this you can draw hill station allowance if you are posted in the hill stations.

Kejriwal demands OROP to be implemented in its true essence

Kejriwal demands OROP to be implemented in its true essence

“Despite the fact that OROP has crossed two stages, protests by army veterans continue in New Delhi. The centre has made official announcements regarding OROP, but protests are continuing demanding the annual revision of pension.”

Equal pension for all ex-servicemen is the most important goal of the OROP scheme. This can be achieved only if pension is revised based solely on the rank and years of service, once every year. Pension revision once every five years is unacceptable. This is the bone of contention for the continuing protests.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal met the protesters and expressed his support. He also harshly criticized the centre. “OROP must be implemented in its true essence. The centre’s announcements are not complete because they do not reflect the essence of OROP. The centre should refrain from fooling the army veterans. They are not begging for alms. They are only fighting for what rightfully belongs to them. It is unfortunate that these veterans who fought for the country are now being forced to protest on the streets for their rights. The centre should immediately accept and implement their demands,” he said.

Meanwhile, the army veterans had threatened to return their gallantry service medals if the government did not accept their demands. Some of the frustrated veterans tried to burn down their medals. But others restrained them.

Manohar Parrikar, the Minister of Defence, while addressing a gathering in Madurai, said that returning the medals was akin to insulting the country and the armed forces. He had also clarified that OROP was the promise of a political party, not of the central government. He added that protesting was their right and that they should approach the judicial panel committee. He made it very clear that not all the demands will be fulfilled.

Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement general secretary Group Capt V.K. Gandhi (retd) also said that until the judicial committee submits it report, the veterans could not go to court. This, he said, was a “delaying tactic”.

In an article published by the Indian Express yesterday, it was said that the veterans risk losing public support due to their immoderate position and political leadership also needs to reachout to the veterans.

The army veterans are hoping for an amicable resolution of the protests through fair negotiations with the government.


Cashless Health Insurance Mandatory for Punjab Government Employees, Pensioners

Chandigarh: The Punjab government today said the newly notified cashless health insurance scheme has been made mandatory for all government employees and pensioners.

The government has also issued directions to the effect that member enrolment forms regarding this should be submitted till November 30 to the concerned DDOs so that the employees could avail benefits under the scheme.

Disclosing this here today, an official spokesperson said that as per the Punjab Government employees and Pensioner Health Insurance Scheme (PGIPHIS), all the employees and pensioners would get the annual cashless insurance facility up to Rs 3 lakh from January 1, 2016.

The spokesperson further said this scheme will be mandatory for employees presently in service, pensioners, new employees after the expiry of enrolment period and Pensioners (In special circumstances) whereas it would be optional for all India service officers (presently serving).

Under this scheme, Punjab government has made arrangements for the Indoor medical treatment and care for pre-decided diseases and hazardous diseases.

This scheme would be applied equally to the persons availing old pension scheme and new pension scheme.
According to the spokesperson, PGIPHIS provides the facility of cashless treatment concerning those diseases under State service rule-1940 which include day care (those cases which require a patient to be admitted in the hospital for at least 24 hours) and those on which the OPD medical expenditure accrued is less then Rs 3 lakh per family per year.

Besides this, the medicines for the chronic diseases would also be provided at the designated hospitals and medical stores in each district and block under the cashless scheme.

The spokesperson said under the scheme all the registered beneficiaries can avail the treatment facilities from the hospitals designated by the state government in Punjab, Chandigarh and NCR regions.


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