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MACPS on Promotional Hierarchy – NFIR

MACPS on Promotional Hierarchy – NFIR

Grant of Financial up-gradation under MACPS in the promotional hierarchy – (instead of Grade Pay hierarchy) – Item No.3 of Record note of discussion held between the Federation and EDs, Railway Board on 12/10/2015 on MACPS anomalies.

National Federation Of Indian Railwaymen

No.IV/MACPS/09/Part 9
Dated: 26-02-2016
The secretary (E)
Railway Board
New Delhi

Dear Sir,
Sub: Grant of financial up-gradation under MACPS in the promotional hierarchy – (instead of Grade Pay hierarchy) – Item No.3 of Record Note of discussion held between the Federation and ED’s Railway Board on 12-10-2015 on MACPS Anomalies – reg.

Ref: (i) Railway Board’s Letter No.PC-V/M/4/NFIR/Pt dated 04-01-2016

(ii) NFIR’s Letter No.IV/MACPS/09/Part 9 dated 05-01-2016 & 18-01-2016
Further to above, Federation furnishes below yet another category viz., Shorff cadre (Cash & Pay Department – Receipt side) in which case the ACP Scheme was more advantageous than the MACP Scheme introduced by the Railway Board vide Board’s letter No.PC-V/2009/ACP/2 dated 10-06-2009, w.e.f. 01-09-2008.


Note: * The above comparison clearly establishes the fact that under ACP Scheme the staff got financial up-gradation in Pay Scale Rs.5000-8000/GP 4200/- on completion of 24 years of service whereas under MACP Scheme, the staff gets GP 2800/- (replacement Grade Pay) on completion of three decades and they cannot dream of reaching GP 4200 (PB-2) under MACPS.
NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board to include the above category of staff in the reference agreed to be made to the DoP&T for seeking guidelines.
Yours faithfully
General Secretary
Source: NFIR

7th CPC Latest News : BPMS Protest for Minimum Pay 24000 and Fitment formula 3.42

7th CPC Latest News : BPMS Protest for Minimum Pay 24000 and Fitment formula 3.42

BPMS circular for agitation programme from 01.03.2016 to 05.03.2016
CENTRAL OFFICE: 2-A, NAVEEN MARKET, KANPUR – 208001, PH & FAX : (0512) 2332222
MOBILE: 09415733686, 09235729390, 09335621629, WEB :

REF: BPMS/20/CIR/2015
Dated: 19.02.2016
The President/ General Secretary
Unions Affiliated to Federation

Subject: Agitation Programme from 01 March, 2016 to 05 March, 2016.

Sadar Namaskar
I hope this letter will find to all of you in good health and high spirit and busy in accelerating trade union activities. The meeting of office bearers of BPMS was conducted on dated: 11th and 12th February, 2016. In this meeting the recommendations of 7th CPC was discussed specially. As all of you know that 7th CPC submitted its recommendations to Honorable Finance Minister of Govt. of India on 19.11.2015. After analyzing the recommendations of 7th CPC, BPMS wrote a letter to Govt of India addressing anomalies in recommendations along with conducting a National level protest day on the call of GENC. We met Dr Jitendra Singh/Minister of DoP&T and Prime Minister Office at his office situated in Parliament and discussed the issues and submitted a memorandum. Honorable Minister assured the representatives of GENC and BPMS that all necessary action would be taken at the earliest and a meeting would be fixed with Honorable Finance Minister. But it is matter of concern that the federation has not been apprised about the action taken till date.

Therefore, it was decided in the meeting of office bearers to conduct agitation programmes of gate meetings, sit in, wearing black badges in their respective establishments from 01 March 2016 to 05 March 2016. On 04 March 2016 ‘Dharna’ will be performed and on the last day a memorandum will be presented to the Head of Establishment addressing Honorable Prime Minister and its photocopy should be sent to BMS office and BPMS office.

The demands are as follows-

1. Minimum Pay should be fixed 24000/- rupees in place of 18000/-.
2. The fitment formula should be 3.42 in place of 2.57
3. The ratio of minimum Pay and maximum Pay should be 1:10.
4. Annual increment should be 5% in place of 3%.
5. Five financial upgradations should be granted within the period of 30 years of Service under MACP scheme.
6. Pay Scales of Group ‘C’ employees should be merged and upgraded. Grade Pay 1900 and Grade Pay 2000 should be merged and upgraded to 2400 and Grade Pay 2400 and Grade Pay 2800 should be merged and upgraded to Grade Pay 2800.
7. Risk Allowance, Washing Allowance, Family Planning Allowance should be continued.
8. HRA should be granted at the rate of 15%, 25% and 35%.
9. Minimum two increments should be granted at Promotion.
10.Interest free Advances should be continued.
11.OTA is being granted to the employees posted in offices, directorates etc at the rate of 12 rupees per hour (on the pay scales of 4th CPC). OTA should be granted on the Pay Scales of 7th CPC.
12.Old Pension Scheme should be restored in place of NPS.
13.The employees covered under NPS scheme should be benefited with gratuity.
14.Commuted Pension should be restored on 12th year in place of 15th year.
15.CCL related to women employees should not be reduced.
16.There should not be any educational criteria (High School passed) for grant of compassionate ground appointment.
17.Benefits of 7th CPC should be granted to Centre, State and autonomous body employees equally.
18.Since amendment in Bonus Act has retrospective effect and implemented since 2014, the arrear of 2014-2015 should be granted without any delay.
19.All the employees should be granted Night Duty Allowance without any ceiling.
20.In Ordnance Factories all Piece work employees should be paid OTA (Between 44¾ and 48 hours) on their actual Pay instead of minimum Pay.
21.The employees having equal qualification and same nature of work should be granted equal pay in all ministries.
22.Examiners working in Quality control department in OFB should be granted Incentive Bonus.
23.According to 7th CPC recommendations, civilian employees retiring on same Post or same pay scale should be granted equal Pension.
24.Wards of employees died in harness are unable to find a Job due to 5% ceiling in compassionate appointment. Therefore, waiting dependants should be granted one time relaxation in compassionate appointment.
25.The employees of DRDO should be granted the benefit of PRIS.

Thanking you.

Brotherly yours
(M P Singh)
General Secretary
Copy to:
1. The General Secretary
BMS, New Delhi
2. The Secretary General
GENC, Naveen Market, Kanpur

Source: BPMS

7th Pay Commission is unlikely to destabilise prices: Survey 7CPC

7th Pay Commission is unlikely to destabilise prices: Survey


The hike in wages under the 7th Pay Commission is unlikely to destabilise prices and will have little impact on inflation, the Economic Survey said today.
“For most of the current fiscal year, inflation has remained quiescent, hovering within the RBI’s target range of 4-6 per cent. But looming on the horizon is the increase in wages and benefits recommended for government workers by the Seventh Pay Commission (7th PC).

“If the government accepts this recommendation, would it destabilise prices and inflation expectations? Most likely, it will not,” the survey, tabled in Parliament, said.

Citing example of implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission, the pre-Budget document said the Commission award barely registered on inflation despite the lumpiness of the award, owing to the grant of arrears.

“If the 6th Pay Commission award barely registered, the 7th Pay Commission is unlikely to either, given the relative magnitudes, even if fully implemented,” it said.

The Survey noted expected wage bill (including railways) will go up by around 52 per cent under the 7th Pay Commission vis-a-vis 70 per cent under the 6th pay commission.

Elaborating further on impact of implementation of pay commission on inflation, the Survey said in principle, inflation reflects the degree to which aggregate demand exceeds aggregate supply and pay awards determine only one small part of aggregate demand.

“Since the government remains committed to reducing the fiscal deficit, the pressure on prices will diminish, notwithstanding the wage increase,” it added.

Besides, pre-Budget Survey said theory does suggest that a sharp increase in public sector wages could affect inflation if it spilt over into private sector wages and hence private sector demand.

“But currently this channel is muted, since there is considerable slack in the private sector labour market, as evident in the softness of rural wages,” it said.

The 7th Pay Commission has recommended a 23.55 per cent hike in salary, allowances and pension, involving an additional burden of Rs 1.02 lakh crore, to central government employees and pensioners.

The Pay Commission recommendations, when implemented, would have bearing on remuneration of 47 lakh central government employees and 52 lakh pensioners. Subject to acceptance by the government, the recommendations will take effect from January 1, 2016.


OROP Anomalies – One member Judicial Committee will submit its report in six months

OROP Anomalies – One member Judicial Committee will submit its report in six months

One member Judicial Committee has been appointed on 14.12.2015 to look into the anomalies arising out of implementation of OROP. The Judicial Committee will submit its report in six months – Defence Minister

Detailed instructions along with OROP tables on implementation of OROP have been issued on 3.2.2016. Considering the requirement for implementation of “One Rank One Pension”, the expenditure ceiling for Defence Pensions in BE 2016-2017 has been increased from Rs.69,876 crores to Rs.82,332.66 crores. Government has received representations from various Ex-Servicemen Associations and beneficiaries regarding anomalies and their dissatisfaction with the order of OROP scheme.

One member Judicial Committee has been appointed on 14.12.2015 to look into the anomalies arising out of implementation of OROP. The Judicial Committee will submit its report in six months.

The following instructions have been issued to Pension Disbursing Agencies(PDAs) for effective implementation of OROP:
  • The arrears on account of revision of pension from 01.07.2014 be paid in four equal half yearly instalments. However, family pensioners including those in receipt of Special/Liberalized family pension and all Gallantry award winners shall be paid arrears in one instalment.
  • Any required information, if not available in record may be referred to Pension Sanctioning Authority(PSA) concerned who will provide the requisite information from the available records within 15 days to the PDAs.
  • In case of any doubt, PDA may immediately take up the matter with nodal officers of respective PSAs, the details of which shall be notified by Pr. CDA(P) Allahabad in their implementation instructions.
This information was given by Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar in a written reply to Shri Devajibhai G Fatepara and others in Lok Sabha today.


Health Ministry Announced Birth Companions Presence During Child Delivery

Health Ministry Announced 'Birth Companions’ Presence During Child Delivery

The Union Health Ministry has allowed ‘birth companions’ during delivery in public health facilities, a unique step to reduce maternal mortality rate (MMR) and infant mortality rate (IMR) in the country.

The World Health Organization (WHO), which promotes labour companionship, says it is a core element of care for improving maternal and infant health.

India needs to follow the World Health Organisation, accordingly, Union Health Ministry says, husbands can now be by the side of their wives when their children are born, even in government hospitals.

With private hospitals allowing husbands to be with their wives during delivery, government hospitals have not lagged behind.

So, the Health and Family Welfare Ministry has decided to allow birth companions during deliveries in government hospitals.

Other than the husband, a female relative can be with the pregnant woman at the time of delivery.


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