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Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners – Revised rate effective from 1.1.2016

Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners – Revised rate effective from 1.1.2016.


 F. No. 42/06/2016-P&PW(G)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market,
New Delhi – 110003 Date: 11th April, 2016


Subject : Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners – Revised rate effective from 1.1.2016.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s OM No. 42/10/2014-P&PW(G) dated 28th September, 2015 on the subject mentioned above and to state that the President is pleased to decide that the Dearness Relief (DR) payable to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners shall be enhanced from the existing rate of 119% to 125% w.e.f. 1st January, 2016.

2. These orders apply to (i) All Civilian Central Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners (ii) The Armed Forces Pensioners, Civilian Pensioners paid out of the Defence Service Estimates, (iii) All India Service Pensioners (iv) Railway Pensioners and (v) The Burma Civilian pensioners/family pensioners and pensioners/families of displaced Government pensioners from Pakistan, who are Indian Nationals but receiving pension on behalf of Government of Pakistan and are in receipt of ad-hoc ex-gratia allowance of Rs. 3500/- p.m. in terms of this Department’s OM No. 23/1/97- P&PW(B) dated 23.2.1998 read with this Department’s OM No. 23/3/2008-P&PW(B) dated 15.9.2008.

3. Central Government Employees who had drawn lump sum amount on absorption in a PSU/Autonomous body and have become eligible to restoration of 1/3rd commuted portion of pension as well as revision of the restored amount in terms of this Department’s OM No. 4/59/97-P&PW (D) dated 14.07.1998 will also be entitled to the payment of DR @ 125% w.e.f. 1.1.2016 on full pension i.e. the revised pension which the absorbed employee would have received on the date of restoration had he not drawn lump sum payment on absorption and Dearness Pension subject to fulfilment of the conditions laid down in pars 5 of the O.M. dated 14.07.98. In this connection, instructions contained in this Department’s OM No.4/29/99-P&PW (D) dated. 12.7.2000 refer.

4. Payment of DR involving a fraction of a rupee shall be rounded off to the next higher rupee.

5. Other provisions governing grant of DR in respect of employed family pensioners and re-employed Central Government Pensioners will be regulated in accordance with the provisions contained in this Department’s OM No. 45/73/97- P&PW (G) dated 2.7.1999 as amended vide this Department’s OM No. F. No. 38/88/2008-P&PW(G) dated 9th July, 2009. The provisions relating to regulation of DR where a pensioner is in receipt of more than one pension will remain unchanged.

6. In the case of retired Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, necessary orders will be issued by the Department of Justice separately.

7. It will be the responsibility of the pension disbursing authorities, including the nationalized banks, etc. to calculate the quantum of DR payable in each individual case.

8. The offices of Accountant General and authorised Pension Disbursing Banks are requested to arrange payment of relief to pensioners etc. on the basis of these instructions without waiting for any further instructions from the Comptroller and Auditor General of India and the Reserve Bank of India in view of letter No. 528-TA, 11/34-80-II dated 23/04/1981 of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India addressed to all Accountant Generals and Reserve Bank of India Circular No. GANB No. 2958/GA-64 (ii) (CGL)/81 dated the 21st May, 1981 addressed to State Bank of India and its subsidiaries and all Nationalised Banks.

9. In their application to the pensioners/family pensioners belonging to Indian Audit and Accounts Department, these orders issue after consultation with the C&AG.

10. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure vide their OM No. 1/1/2016-E.II(B) dated 07th April, 2016.

11. Hindi version will follow
(Charanjit Taneja)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
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One Rank One Pension – A status report on 2.4.2016

One Rank One Pension – A status report on 2.4.2016

One Rank One Pension

A status report
Government of India notified the OROP scheme vide order dated 7th November 2015 delineating the principles of OROP scheme and the implementation process. This was followed by detail order on CROP scheme dated 3rd February 2016 enclosing 101 tables of revised benefits under the scheme, which were made available to various categories of Defence forces pensioners and family pensioners. A circular was also immediately issued on 4th February 2016 to all pension disbursing authorities containing detail instructions for making revised payments under the scheme.

2. The Defence Accounts Department was closely associated with the OROP scheme and undertook the following activities in the entire process-Collection, collation and presentation of variety of data and records of Defence pensioners for working out the financial implications.

Assisting the DESW/ MOD and PMO in finalizing the principles for rolling out the CROP scheme.
Working out more than 100 tables of various categories of pensioners revising the rates of pensions under OROP and formulation of government letter on the OROP.

Issue of detailed payment instructions to all payment authorities for time bound payments.

Initiating a dialogue with Banks who account for 75% Defence pension disbursements and closely monitoring release of payments well before the prescribed timelines.

The DPDOs became the first disbursing agency to have credited the revised benefits under OROP in a record time to the accounts of 2,21,205 Defence pensioners on 29th February 2016 amounting to Rs. 354 crores.

3. All the offices dealing with pension matters right from PCDA(P), PCDA (Navy), CDA/JCDA(AF), CDA (PD), CDA Chennai, the Aashraya team and the DPDOS rose to the occasion and carried out the tasks assigned to them in the most professional manner and well within the times-lines so prescribed. The agencies in the department worked as a well-knit team in a collaborative effort.

4. Another first was the dialogue, which was initiated with all the Public Sector Banks in advance taking them on board in the massive exercise of ensuring that time bound payments are made to lakhs of Defence pensioners. The mandate could be achieved successfully by advance planning, concerted follow up action and continuous dialogue with all stakeholders.

The latest update on release of pension benefits under OROP is enclosed.



Incorporation of Aadhaar number in fresh Pension Payment Orders [PPOs]

Incorporation of Aadhaar number in fresh Pension Payment Orders [PPOs]

NEW DELHI - 110066

CPAO/Tech/Jeevan Pramaan/2016/07

 Office Memorandum

Subject:- Incorporation of Aadhaar number in fresh Pension Payment Orders [PPOs].

Attention is invited to CPAO OM No. CPAO/Tech/leevan Pramaan/ 2015-16/ 1770 dated 07.03.2016 (Annex-l) and DO letter dated 30.07.2015 from CGA to all Secretaries (Civil Ministries) regarding incorporation of Aadhaar number in the fresh PPOs (Annex-II). In this context, it is observed that progress in incorporation of Aadhaar numbers in the fresh PPOs has been very low. For the period July, 2015 to March, 2016 out of 25608 total fresh PPOs received in CPAO, only in 1907 (7.45%) cases Aadhaar number was mentioned.

2. In view of Aadhaar Cards numbers crossing 100 crores marks and implementation of Aadhaar linked Biometric Attendance System in most of the central government offices, it is very unlikely that a retiring government servant will not have Aadhaar number. Further, DOPT vide its OM No. Z-20025/9/2014-Estt (AL) dated-03.11.2014 (Annex-III) had requested all Ministries/ Departments to ensure that the Service Books of all employees have an entry of Aadhaar number.

3. In view of above, all Pr. CCAs/CCAs/CAS are once again requested to take up the matter with IS (Admn) and Heads of Offices of respective Ministries / Departments to arrange for providing Aadhaar number in all pension papers to be submitted to concerned PAOs to enable them to incorporate the same in PPO booklets.

Encl:- As above

(Sanjai Singh)
Chief Controller (Pension)

Enhancement of powers to Assistant Accounts Officer (Group -B) in DAD: PCDA(CC) Circular

Enhancement of powers to Assistant Accounts Officer (Group -B) in DAD: PCDA(CC) Circular

Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Central Command) 
Cariappa Road, Cantt., Lucknow, Pin Code - 226002

Dt: 07.04.2016


The IFA (CC)
All Sub-offices
All Sections of Main Office

Sub: - Enhancement of powers to Assistant Accounts Officer (Group -B) in DAD

As per HQrs Circular No. AN/XI/l1060/Powers/AAO/Vol.-III dated 05.10.2011 and in continuation of the HQ office Circular No. AN/XI/l1060/Powers/AAO/Vol.-III dated 28.08.2003 and 30.07.2008, the powers delegated to AAO in respect of the following items have been enhanced as under:-

S/No. Item as per Annexure ‘A’ of HQrs Circular No. AN/XI/l1060/Powers/AAO/Vol.-III dated 28.08.2003 and 30.07.2008 Existing Financial Power (in Rs.) Enhanced Financial Power (in Rs.)
1. Item No. xi : Requisition for LTC advance 10,000 25,000
2. Item No. xiii : Advance/Withdrawal from GPF/AFPP fund - DAD and Non-DAD 50,000 1,00,000
3. Item No. xiv : M-Section Bills 25,000 50,000
4. Item No. xv (a) : Medical Claim/OPD Treatment 1,000 2,500
5. Item No. xv(b) (ii) : Hospitalization Claim (Final Bills) 25,000 50,000
6. Item No. xvi

(a) : Third party Claims 25,000 50,000
(b) : All Bills which are not covered above, payable through Public Fund Accounts 50,000 1,00,000

Other entries of Annexure ‘A' to HQ office circular dated 28.08.2003 will remain the same.

2. It has also been decided that the following “level jumping" shall be introduced:-

a) Two tier processing [Auditor and AAO] - for all bills up to the delegated financial powers of AAO’s as mentioned above.

b) Two tier processing [Auditor + AO/SAO] - for all bills valuing above the financial powers of AAO’s and upto Rs.2 lakhs (Two lakhs only)

c) Three tier processing [Auditor, AAO & AO/SAO] - for all bills exceeding Rs. 2 lakhs and upto Rs. 1 Crore in value in all offices except PCDA New Delhi. This limit shall be upto Rs. 5 Crores in the case of PCDA New Delhi.

d) Four tier processing [Auditor, AAO, AO/SAO 8.: Group Officer] - for all bills exceeding Rs. 1 Crore in all offices except PCDA New Delhi.

e) Four tier processing [Auditor, AAO, AO/SAO & Group Officer] - for all bills exceeding Rs. 5 Crores in PCDA New Delhi.

3. In the absence of any Time Scale IDAS Officer in an independent sub-office, the PCDA/CDA, after careful consideration and after recording speaking orders in each case, can authorize one or more Ao3 in the sub-office to pass bills for a period not exceeding three months, even when their value exceeds Rs. 1 Crore.

4. The above provisions shall be effective from 05.10.2011.

(S.P. Singh)


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