Saturday, 29 October 2016

Railway Unions demand 3% DA hike

Railway Unions demand 3% DA hike

New Delhi: Expressing “dissatisfaction” over over the announcement of 2 per cent increase in dearness allowance by the government, railway unions have demanded it be raised to 3 per cent.

We have expressed dissatisfaction over the announcement of a meagre 2 per cent rise in DA by the Central government from July 1, 2016, National Federation of Indian Railwaymen M Raghavaiah said.

Ahead of Diwali, the Centre has announced 2 per cent dearness allowance for Central government employees effective from July.

“Central government employees and pensioners have been waiting eagerly for the announcement of DA since September 2016. But we are disappointed that the government has announced only 2 per cent whereas the 12-month average of Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016, works out to be 2.92 per cent,” Raghavaiah said and added “The Government ought to have been considerate in announcing this half-yearly hike in DA and rounded off to 3 per cent.”

All India Railwaymen Federation General Secretary S Gopal Mishra said 2 per cent DA is not satisfactory and it should be raised to 3 per cent.


Defence personnel to get disability pension under old norms

Defence personnel to get disability pension under old norms

New Delhi: Under attack for introducing slab-based disability pension, Defence Ministry today said armed forces personnel would continue to get such pension based on percentage system till the Anomaly Committee came out with a report on the issue.

There was widespread criticism from opposition parties and the military establishment over a letter issued on September 30 which had introduced a slab-based system, as recommended by the 7th Pay Commission, for determining the disability pension for defence forces.

Following this, the Ministry had referred the matter to the Anomaly Committee.

However, there was confusion as to what system would be used to determine disability pension.

Till the Committee comes out with a report, existing percentage system will be used to determine disability pension, defence sources said.

Earlier, the Defence Ministry had said the 7th CPC had recommended a slab-based system for determining disability pension, which was accepted by the government.

A percentage-based system was followed under the 6th CPC regime for calculating disability pension for defence forces personnel as well as civilians.

What the military personnel are upset about is that civilians will continue to be paid pension according to the earlier percentage system, which means that a civilian employee will get higher disability pension than his military counterpart.


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