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7th CPC - Revision of the rates of Breakdown Allowance

7th Pay Commission - Revision of the rates of Breakdown Allowance

S.No. PC-VII / 51
No. E(P&A)II-2017/BDA-1
RBE No. 106 / 2017
New Delhi, dated 30.08.2017.
The General Managers/CAOs,
All Indian Railways and
Production Units etc.

Subject: Revision of the rates of Breakdown Allowance.

Consequent upon the decision taken by the Government on the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission relating to Breakdown Allowance, the Board have decided that the rates of Breakdown Allowance indicated in this Ministry’s letter No.E(P&A)II-2007/FE-4/3 dated 25-9-2009 and further revised vide Board’s letter No. E(P&A)I-2011/SP-1/Misc.1 dated 13.06.2011 and No. E(P&A)I-2014/SP-1/Genl.2 dated 19.05.2014 may be revised as under :

1Helper Gr.II /Helper Gr.I/Other
staff Gr. 'D' Staff
Level 1 (1800)Rs.270 p.m
2Technicians Gr.IIILevel 2 (1900)Rs.405 p.m.
3Technicians Gr.II
Technician Gr.I
Supervisors (erstwhile Ministry)
Level 4 (2400)
Level 5 (2800)
Level 5 (2800)
Rs.540 p.m.
4Sr. Technicians/ Junior Engineers and staff in higher scalesLevel 6 (4200)
and above
Rs.675 p.m.

2. These orders take effect from 1st July, 2017. Other terms and conditions relating to Breakdown Allowance will remain the same.

3. In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution, the President is pleased to direct that Rule 1420 of Indian Railway Establishment Code. Volume-II, 1987 edition (2005 reprint edition) may be amended as in the Advance Correction Slip No.61 enclosed herewith.

4. This has the sanction of the President and issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.
(Salim Md.Ahmed)
Deputy. Director/E{P&A)II
Railway Board.


1. First para of Rule 1420 (1) and table below Rule 1420 (1) (i) in Indian Railway Establishment Code - Vol-II / 1987 edition (2005 reprint edition) may be substituted with the following :-
(1) Non-gazetted Railway servants employed in Running sheds and Carriage and Wagon Depots who are earmarked for attending to breakdown duties and Relief Train Electrical staff, including Supervisory staff, holding posts upto Level 6 (Rs. 4200 GP) and above in the Pay Matrix (except the Supervisors in charge of Carriage & Wagon Depots, Loco Running Shed or the Electrical Relief Train), shall be allowed the following:-

(i) Breakdown Allowance at the following rates :

S. No.CategoryLevel in Pay MatrixAmount of Breakdown Allowance/ month
1.Helper Gr.II /Helper Gr.I/Other staff Gr.'D' StaffLevel 1 (1800)270 p.m.
2.Technician Gr.IIILevel 2 (1900)405 p.m.
3.Technicians Gr.IILevel 4 (2400) 540 p.m.
Technician Gr.ILevel 5 (2800)540 p.m
Supervisors (erstwhile Mistry)Level 5 (2800)540 p.m
4.Sr. Technicians/Junior Engineers and staff in higher scalesLevel 6 (4200) and above 675 p.m.

2. The following may be deleted below clause (b) to sub rule (i) to Rule 1420 (1) in Indian Railway Establishment Code - Vol.-II/1987 edition (2005 reprint edition):
(c)    The rate of this allowance will be increased by 25% whenever the Dearness Allowance payable on the revised pay structure goes upto by 50%.

(Authority : Railway Board’s letter No No. E(P&A)II-2017/BDA-1 dated 30.08.2017)

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