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Filling up of the post of First Secretary (Legal), Permanent Mission of India (PMI), WTO, Geneva for a period of three year

Filling up of the post of First Secretary (Legal), Permanent Mission of India (PMI), WTO, Geneva for a period of three year
F.No. 3/1/2017-FA(UN)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
North Block, New Delhi,
Dated the e, May, 2017
1. The Chief Secretaries,
All State/ UT Governments.
2.The Secretaries of the Cadre Controlling Ministries/Departments/Departments of Gp. 'A' Services of the Govt. of India, participating in the Central Staffing Scheme (As per list attached).

Subject: Filling up of the post of First Secretary (Legal), Permanent Mission of India (PMI), WTO, Geneva for a period of three years- reg.

It is proposed to fill up the post of First Secretary (Legal), Permanent Mission of India (PMI), WTO, Geneva for a period of three years. The post is at Deputy Secretary/Director level.

5. The mandatory and desirable qualifications for the post are as under :
(C) Mandatory Qualifications
(i) The officer must have worked for at least 2 years at the Centre under the Central Staffing Scheme.
(ii) The officer should have experience in trade, commerce, industry and allied sectors either at the Centre or in the State Government/Cadre.
(iii) The officer should have a degree in Law (LL.B.).
(iv) The officer should be clear from vigilance angle.
(v) The officer should not have been debarred from Central deputation.
(vi) The officer should have at least 'Very Good' Service record. However, preference will be given to officers who have 'Outstanding' service record.
(vii) The officer should not be over 54 years of age.
(viii) The officer should not have been posted on an assignment in a foreign/captive post of Government of India, earlier.
(ix) The officer should not have been nominated for foreign training or should not be on training or foreign assignment, currently.
(x) The officer should not be on study leave or long leave.
(xi) The officer should be at least one batch below the batch of officers who are currently empanelled to hold the post of joint Secretary or its equivalent with the Central Government.
D) Desirable Qualifications
(i) Exposure to international negotiations in trade, commerce, industry and allied sectors.
(ii) Work experience on legal documents and treaties.
6. This post may be circulated amongst officers eligible to be appointed at the level of Deputy Secretary/ Director in the Government of India. Name of willing and eligible officers who can be spared by the State Governments/Ministries/Departments may be forwarded/ faxed to this Department along-with Cadre clearance, Vigilance clearance, detailed Biodata and ACR Dossier/certified ACR gradings for the last five years. It may also be ensured that the "Cooling Off", after a previous stint on deputation, if any, is complete and the officer is eligible to be appointed on Central Deputation.

7. It is requested that the applications of the eligible candidates may please be forwarded so as to reach this Department by June, 2017.
Yours faithfully,
(Rajesh Kumar)
Source: DoPT Order

Reduction in the residency period for promotion from Helper (G.P Rs.1800, Level-1, Rs.18000-56900) to Technical-III (G.P.Rs.1900, Level-2, Rs.19900-63200)

Railway Order : Reduction in the residency period for promotion from Helpe

RBE No.43/2017
New Delhi, dated 03.05.2017
The General Managers (P)
All Indian Railways & PUs.
(As per standard list)

Sub : Reduction in the residency period for promotion from Helper (G.P Rs.1800, Level-1, Rs.18000-56900) to Technical-III (G.P.Rs.1900, Level-2, Rs.19900-63200)

In terms of extant provision contained in Board’s letter No.E(NG)I-96/PM7/56 dated 2.2.1998, Helpers (G.P.Rs. 1800, Level-1) possessing the qualifications prescribed in the Apprentice Act, with a minimum of three years regular service are eligible to appear in the Selection against 25% qualified staff quota.

2. There has been a demand to reduce the residency period from existing three years to two years, at par with residency period of promotion for other categories. This issue has been raised by AIRF in the PNM forum.

3. Accordingly, the matter has been examined in consultation with the Zonal Railways, PUs & technical directorates of Railway Board and it has been decided . that henceforth residency period for Helpers to appear in selection against 25% qualified staff quota will be two years.

The above instructions will be effective from date of issue of this letter.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter.
Hindi version shall follow.
(P. M. Meena)
Deputy Director-II/E(NG)I
Railway Board
Order Copy

Proceedings of the meeting of the Standing Committee meeting of the National Council(JCM held on 03.05.2017 under the Chairmanship of Secretary (DoP&T)

7th CPC Revised Allowances should be from January 2016 - NCJCM Staff side shares outcome of Standing Committee Meeting held on 3rd May, 2017

Shiva Gopal Mishra
National Council (Staff Side)
Joint Council Machinery
for Central Government Employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi-110001
Dated: May 5, 2017
All Constituents of NC/JCM(Staff Side)
Dear Comrades!

Sub: Proceedings of the meeting of the Standing Committee meeting of the National Council(JCM held on 03.05.2017 under the Chairmanship of Secretary (DoP&T)

Immediately after Introductory Remark of the Secretary(DoP&T), the Staff Side raised the following issues:-
For more than 7 years now the National Council(JCM) has not met. Functioning of the JCM is completely diluted by the Government Departments are also not holding meeting. The grievances on service matter of the employees are getting accumulated. The JCM Machinery needs to be strengthened and meeting with the Staff Side should take place regularly.

2.It is now more than 10 months after proposed "Indefinite Strike" was deferred by the Central Government Employees; based on the assurance given by the Group of Ministers. None of the demands is settled. "The Staff Side is in dark about the recommendations of the Allowance Committee". "While Pay Commission's report is put on the Public Domain after its submission to the government, why these reports are kept secret", the Staff Side asked.Since Allowances Committee report is considerably delayed the date of effect of the revised allowances should be w.e.f. 01.01.2016. The Staff Side has demanded that, Minimum Wage should be raised, Pay Matrix should also be revised, to recommend at least Minimum Guaranteed Pension of 50% of the last pay drawn, Family Pension, and Disability Pension and GPF to all the Central Government Employees. It is unfortunate that, Option No.1, recommended by the 7th CPC for pre-01.01.2016 Pensioners, is also rejected. The Central Government Employees are very much agitated and there is going to be an uncontrollable unrest, hence the Chairman is requested to convey our feelings to the government to avoid a confrontation

(Chairman intervened and assured that he would convey the feelings of the Staff Side to the government).
In spite of the Government orders many autonomous bodies have not revised the pay scale of the employees as per 7th CPC and no order is yet issued for revising the pension of the pensioners who retired from these autonomous bodies. These issues needs to be settled by the government.

4.Staff Side demanded to fill-up all the vacant posts and also to sanction additional posts to man additional assets and additional workload without insisting on Matching Saving.

Thereafter, Action Taken Report on the progress/decisions taken on the Agenda Points discussed during last Standing Committee Meeting was taken for discussion. Details are given below-


1.No privatization PPP or FDI in Railways and Defence Establishment
The issue will be separately discussed by the Railways and Defence Ministry with the Recognized Federations.

2. No Corporatization of Postal Services
Department of Post informed that there is no proposal of Corporatization / privatization at this juncture.

3.Scrap PFRDA Act and reintroduce the Defined Benefit Statutory Pension Scheme
The Chairman stated that, we have to wait for the report of the NPS Committee. However, the Staff Side insisted that, there should be at least Guaranteed Minimum Pension of 50% of the last pay drawn, Family Pension, and Disability Pension.

4.Regularize the existing daily rated/casual and contract workers, and absorb trained apprentices. No labour reforms should be carried out which are not in the interest of workers.
After discussion it was decided that, specific cases, if referred to the DoP&T by the Department/ Staff Side, may be considered. The issue of Gun and Shell Factory Casual Employees would be considered in consultation with the MoD.

5.Revive JCM functioning at all levels as an effective negotiating forum for settlement of demands of the central government employees.
It was assured that JCM Machinery would be activated.

6.Remove the arbitrary ceiling on compassionate appointments.
The Staff Side demanded the following:-
  • The arbitrary and artificial 5% ceiling may be removed.
  • Pending the same the 5% vacancies should be calculated on the overall vacancies and not in the vacancies of the particular year.
  • For calculation of vacancies Group B posts also should be taken into account.
  • In the Defence Ministry wards of service personnel are given Compassionate Appointment in the 5% of Civilian Vacancies. However while calculating 5% vacancies, the vacancies of service personnel are not taken in to account. This anomaly may be rectified.
  • Defence Ministry has proposed a onetime relaxation of 5% ceiling considering the large number of pending applications. TheDoP&T has rejected the same. The issue may be reconsidered by the DoP&T
After discussion on the above issues SecretaryDoP&T assured that he would reconsider the whole matter.
7.Ensuring Five Promotions in the Service Career
The Staff Side insisted that MACP should be in the promotional hierarchy and the condition of "Very Good" grading should be removed for granting of MACP.

8.Non-implementation of the decision taken in the 46th National Council (JCM) Meeting held on 15th May 2010 with regard to Item No. 20.
The Staff Side stated that in spite of the DoP&T's direction not to recognize Associations of "Workers", the Defence Ministry is not implementing the same. After discussion Secretary DoP&T assured that he would discuss the matter with the Defence Secretary and settle the same.

9.Reduction of one day Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) to the employees of OFB & DGQA under Department of Defence Production against Cabinet decision and Government orders.
Staff Side protested against the arbitrary recovery of PLB days in the case of employees of Ordnance Factories, DGQA, DGAQA and EME. After discussion Secretary DoP&T directed the Department of Expenditure to reconsider the matter and if necessary to put up the case to the Finance Minister for his consideration.

10.Grant of one time relaxation to the Central Government employees who have availed LTC-80 and travelled by air by purchasing Ticket from other than authorized agent.
The Staff Side insisted that the employees who are otherwise not eligible for entitlement of air traveling, have purchased flight tickets from other than authorized agents due to their ignorance of rule position should not be punished by imposing recovery of the entire LTC amount etc. Therefore to settle the matter once for all a onetime relaxation may be given to such employees. After discussion it was decided that DoP&T may reconsider the whole matter.

11.Grant of House Rent Allowance to the employees who have vacated government quarters.
The Staff Side insisted that NAC should not be a pre condition for grant of HRA to those employees who vacate the government quarters. After discussion it was decided that the Directorate of Estate and Department of Expenditure would consider the matter.

12.Restoration of interest-free advances withdrawn by the Government based on 7th CPC recommendations.
The Official Side assured that, the demand of the Staff Side would be conveyed to the government.

13.Grant of entry pay recommended by 6th CPC to the promotees under the provisions of CCS(RP) Rules- 2008.
The Staff Side stated that the decision taken in the National Anomaly Committee meeting in this regard was not accepted by the finance ministry and at present the Principle Bench CAT New Delhi and the CAT Madras Bench has given judgment in favour of the employees and hence the Department of Expenditure may reconsider the matter. After discussion it was decided that the Department of Expenditure would reconsider the matter.

14.Grant of 3rd MACP in GP Rs.4600 to the Master Craftsmen (MCM) of Defence Ministry who were holding the post of MCM in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.4500- 7000 as on 31/12/2005.
After discussion it was decided that DoP&T will refer the matter to Department of Expenditure recommending to reconsider their earlier decision of rejection since the demand is in conformity with the rules on ACP/MACP.

15.Carrying forward of Earned Leave by Defence Industrial Employees on transfer/ appointment from non Industrial to Industrial Establishment.
DOPT has agreed with the demand and their decision would be conveyed to MOD after receipt of the proposal from Defence Ministry in this regard.

16.Reimbursement of actual medical expenditure incurred by the employees in recognized hospitals.
CGHS rates are under revision and the same would be issued soon.

17.Dental Treatment in private hospitals recognized under CGHS / CS(MA) Rules, 1944 for CS(MA) beneficiaries.
CGHS vide their OM dated 5th April 2017 has informed that the requirement of no objection certificate has been dispensed with vide OM No. S.14025/41/2015-MS dated 7.12.2016.

18.Removal of ambiguity in fixation of pay of re-employed Ex-Servicemen and grant of the same benefit extended to Commissioned officers to personnel below officers rank also
The demand is under consideration ofDoP&T in consultation with the Department of Expenditure.

19.Permission to opt for pay fixation in the revised pay structure on a date after the date of issue of CCS(RP) rules 2016 notification (25.7.2016) in case of employees whose promotion becomes due after 25.7.2006.
The issue is under consideration of Department of Expenditure and a decision would be taken soon.

20.Fill up all vacant posts including promotional posts in a time bound manner.
DOPT is framing a fresh calendar for holding DPC and effecting promotions which will enable to fill up the promotional Posts in a time bound manner. Instructions will be issued very soon.

21.Abolish and upgrade all posts of Lower Division Clerks (LDCs) to Upper Division Clerks(UDCs)
The Staff Side demanded that the LDC post may be merged with UDC and MTS may be promoted directly to UDC. DoP&T agreed to consider the demand.
Due to paucity of time, new agenda points, given by the Staff Side, was not taken up for discussion. It was decided that the Action Taken on the New Agenda Points would be communicated to the Staff Side and a meeting would be thereafter convened to discuss these items.

Cabinet approves revision of pension to pre 2016 pensioners
The Cabinet approved modifications in the recommendations of the 7th CPC relating to method of revision of pension of pre-2016 Pensioners and Family Pensioners based on the suggestions made by the Committee, chaired by Secretary(Pensions), constituted with the approval of the Cabinet. While approving implementation of the 7th CPC recommendations on 29th June, 2016, the Cabinet had approved the changed method of pension revision recommended by the 7th CPC for pre-2016 pensioners, comprising of two alternative formulations, subject to the feasibility of the first formulation which was to be examined by the Committee. In terms of the Cabinet decision, pensions of pre-2016 pensioners were revised as per the second formulation multiplying existing pension by a fitment factor of 2.57, though the pensioners were to be given the option of choosing the more beneficial of the two formulations as per the 7th CPC recommendations. In order to provide more beneficial option to the pensioners, Cabinet has accepted the recommendations of the Committee, which has suggested revision of pension based on the information contained in the Pension Payment Order (PPO) issued to every pensioner. The modified formulation will be beneficial to more pensioners than the first formulation recommended by the 7th CPC, which was not found to be feasible to implement on account of non-availability of records in a large number of cases and was also found to be prone to several anomalies.
Sincerely Yours
(Shiv Gopal Mishra)
Secretary (Staff Side)
National Council (JCM)
Source : NCJCM Staffside

Central Government officers Group A and Bank officers salary comparision from 1992 to 2016

Central Government officers Group A and Bank officers salary comparision from 1992 to 2016

An important point to note

Of and on it comes for discussions while salary of Central Govt employees gets revised at 10 years interval, Bank employees' salary is being revised at 5 years interval. Let us analyse, as under, that despite salary revision at 5 years interval how salary of Bank officers is lagging behind during last 23 years duration in comparison to salary of Central Govt Officers Group- A at entry level onwards. Please also note that 7th Pay Commission has recommended that without waiting for next pay commission the salary should be revised based on the material given by Simla based Labour Bureau.

Central Govt. Officer Group ABank Officers
Basic PayGrad e PayD.A.TotalBasic PaySpecial AllowD.A.TotalDifference Rs.
388 (Salary of Bank officers was higher by 9.63% )
1837(7.75%)2784(10.9%)283217799(Salary of Bank officers was lower          by 27.53% )
183710164(39.8%)3570120399(Salary of Bank officers was lower          by 57.13% )
From the above table it is evident as under:
  • From 11.1992 to 01.01.2016 the salary of Central Govt Group A officers has been increased by 1293.44% (56100-4026=52074/4026 X 100) at entry level.
  • From 11.1992 to 01.01.2016 the salary of Bank officers has been increased by 708.81% (35701-4414=31287/4414 X 100) at entry level.
Moreover the 7th Pay Commission has recommended that there is no need for a commission once in 10 years. It has recommended that based on the Labour Bureau reports the increase can be done periodically.
Salary in Reserve Bank of India
  • In case of RBI officers, the starting basic pay which was Rs 17100 has been increased to Rs 28150 and at entry They also get a local allowance of 5% of pay, family allowance of 4% of Pay, Grade allowance of Rs.6000 and a special allowance of Rs.6000(Rs 1625 for those who joined in 2016) which is eligible for DA. So their salary structure is much superior to other bank officers.
Source : banknewskumar.blogspot.in

Election of Delegates of Kendriya Bhandar

Election of Delegates of Kendriya Bhandar

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
Room No. 280, North Block, New Delhi
Dated: 8th May 2017
Deputy Secretary/Director (Administration) of all Departments/Ministries as per list attached

Subject: Election of Delegates of Kendriya Bhandar - regarding

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department's letter of even number dated 27th April 2017 on the above mentioned subject, wherein it was intimated that the undersigned has been appointed as Returning Officer for conducting the election of Delegates, Directors and Chairman of the Kendriya Bhandar.

2. You were requested to nominate a Polling Officer (Section Officer or equivalent) and Polling Assistant (ASO or equivalent) from your Office/Ministry/Department for conducting the election of delegates of Kendriya Bhandar in your Constituency, which consists mainly of employees of your Ministry/Department and attached/subordinate offices under the Ministry/Department, for conducting the election of Delegates of Kendriya Bhandar.

3. The details of names of eligible shareholders/members in the list of voters are now made available at the website of DOPT at persmin.nic.in . It would also be displayed in the Kendriya Bhandar Head Office, Pushpa Bhavan, Madangir Road, New Delhi-110 062 and in the website of Kendriya Bhandar.

4. The details of names of Polling Officer/Polling Assistant sought by o May 2017 are still awaited from your department/Ministry. It is once again requested that the name, designation and telephone numbers of the Polling Officer, Polling Assistant and the employee engaged to assist them may be intimated to the undersigned on or before 12th May 2017 positively. It may please be sent by fax (Telefax: 2309 2110) or a scanned copy be sent at q.sreenivasannic.in . The Polling Officer/Polling Assistant and the employee engaged to assist him will be paid suitable honorarium (which is likely to be Rs.1500/- for Polling Officer and Rs.1150/- for Polling Assistant/employee assisting him) for conducting the election of delegates.

Yours faithfully,
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India & Returning Officer
Tel.No.2309 3074
Original Source

Clarification on Recently Notified Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act 2017

Clarification on Recently Notified Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act,2017
The Government has notified the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act,2017 on 28th March,2017 and the provisions of the Amendment Act have come into force with effect from 1st April,2017, except those relating to creche facility {Section 4(1)} which would come into force from 01.07.2017.

Keeping in view queries received from various quarters, the Ministry of Labour & Employment, on 12.04.2017, had issued certain clarifications on various provisions of Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017. One of the clarifications issued by the Ministry stated that the enhanced maternity benefit, as modified by the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) bill, 2016 can be extended to women who are already under maternity leave at the time of enforcement of this Amendment Act.

Having received further queries and to remove doubts, it is further clarified that it is mandatory on the part of employers to extend the benefit of enhanced maternity leave to those women workers who were already on maternity leave on the date of enforcement of the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act,2017 i.e. as on 01.04.2017.


The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act 2017

The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017

No. S·36012/03/2015-S5-1
Government of India
Ministry of Labour & Employment
Shram Shakti Bhawan, Rafi Marg,
New Delhi, dated 12th April, 2017
The labour Department,
All States/Union Territories

Sub: The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017 - reg.

In line with recommendations of the 44th, 45th & 46th Session of Indian Labour Conference (ILC) and demands from various quarters, the Government has recently enacted the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017. Through this Amendment Act, following provisions have been added to the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961:-

Increase in the maternity leave from existing 12 to 26 weeks for working women with less than two surviving children.
  • Provisions for work from home for nursing mothers.
  • Mandatory provisions for establishments having fifty or more employees to have the facility of creche.
  • Extension of twelve weeks of maternity benefit to the 'commissioning mother' and the 'adopting mother' from the date the child is handed over.
Provisions of the Amendment Act have come in to force w.e.f 1st April, 2017, except those relating to creche facility (Section 4( 1)} which would come into force from 01.07.2017.

2. After the enactment of the said Act, the Ministry has been receiving numerous queries relating the revised provisions of the Act. The Ministry has examined such queries in consultation with Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) and the same are clarified as below :-

S No.QueryClarification
1.Applicability of the Act to contractual or consultant women employees.Since there is no amendment in Sec. 2 of the Act, hence the original provision will prevail. The Act is applicable to all women who are employed in any capacity directly or through any agency i.e. either on contractual or as consultant.
2.Whether enhanced maternity benefit, as modified by the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) bill, 2016 can be extended to women who are already under maternity leave at the time of enforcement of this Amendment Act?Yes.
3.Whether enhance maternity benefit can be extended to those women who have joined after availing 12 weeks of the maternity leave?Those women employee who had already availed 12 weeks of maternity leave before enforcement of the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act,2017 i.e. 1st April,2017, shall not be entitled to avail the extended benefit of the 26 weeks leave.
4.Protection of women in case she is fired by the employer after learning her pregnancy?Under Section 12 of the M.B. Act, 1961 it is emphasized that any dismissal or discharge of a women during the pregnancy is unlawful and such employer can be punished under Section 21 of the Act.
5.Whether benefits of this Act can be extended to the employed women in the unorganized SectorThe Maternity Benefit Act is applicable to all mines, plantations, shops and establishments and factories. Mines, plantations, shop and establishments could be either in organized sector or unorganized sector. Also, clarification at SL. No.1 may be seen.

3. It is requested that these clarifications may be noted for compliance and also circulated widely so as to make the pregnant working women aware of their rights.
Yours faithfully,
(H.L. Meena)
Director (SS)

7th CPC Defence Personnel Pay Hike from May, 2017

7th CPC Defence Personnel Pay Hike from May, 2017

Order says remaining core concerns are being addressed separately

After a wait of about eight months, military personnel are likely to receive their revised pay recommended by the Seventh Pay Commission with arrears in May's salary, say the general instructions issued by the three Services to their personnel.

The Union Cabinet issued orders last week for implementing the recommendations for military personnel. Following this, the three Services issued the general instructions stating the various recommendations that were approved.

"Army pay rules 2017 issued on May 03. Some core concerns have been addressed and remaining core concerns are being addressed separately," said the instructions issued by the Army's Pay Commission Cell on May 5.

Pay stages stretched
The recommendations approved include extension of pay stages for junior commissioned officers (JCO) and other ranks from 24 to 40 to prevent stagnation, increase in index of rationalisation for Colonels and Lieutenant-Colonels from 2.57 to 2.67 and extension of pay stages for Brigadiers by two.
On the pension front, two recommendations approved are restoration of the percentage-based disability pension and an additional option for pension by pay fixation method in addition to the consolidation method, whichever is higher.

"Revised pay with arrears likely to be credited this month," the instruction stated.

Arrears since Jan, 2016
Sources said the arrears will be calculated from January 2016, the date of implementation of the pay panel recommendations, and will be credited with this month's salary along with the revised pay. "They will deduct the 10% interim arrears given before Deepavali last year," a source added.
The Controller-General of Defence Accounts (CGDA), which is responsible for implementing the recommendations, has already been issued instructions. "They will now calculate the revised tables and release them," the source said.

Anomalies remain
However, some of the core anomalies raised by the services are yet to be addressed, top among them are Non-Functional Upgrade (NFU) and higher Military Service Pay (MSP) for JCOs.
NFU entitles all officers of a batch who are not promoted to draw the salary and grade pay that the senior-most officer of their batch would get after a certain period.

In a reference to that the instructions notes: Pay comparison between defence services, all India services and Group A services must be understood in totality and explained to rank and file to dispel apprehensions about discrepancies.

Source: The Hindu

7th Pay Commission Allowances : Waiting for announcement

7th Pay Commission Allowances : Waiting for announcement

About 47 lakh Central government employees and 53 lakh pensioners have been waiting for 7th Pay Commission Allowances since July last year, but still there is no conclusion on 7th Pay commission allowances for Central Government Employees.

All the employees are eagerly waiting for the announcement from the Finance Ministry on allowances part. Due to delay in announcement all the employees getting huge loss in the monthly take home salary. 7th Pay commission implemented from Jan 2016, but still employees are getting 6th CPC allowances only.
NCJCM Secretary met Cabinet Secretary on 28th March 2017 and expressed the anguish situation among central government employees due to delay in the 7th Pay Commission Allowance. But Cabinet Secretary mentioned that MCD election may result in some delay, so all are expected the announcement after MCD election on April 23rd. but still there is no announcement.

On April 28th, a high-level committee headed by finance secretary Ashok Lavasa submitted its report on allowances to 47 lakh central government employees to finance minister Arun Jaitley. The Ashok Lavasa committee was constituted in June last year after the government implemented the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission.

After submitting the report to Jaitley, Lavasa said the committee has taken into account representations made by various stakeholders. The report will now be examined by the empowered committee of secretaries and following that it will be placed before the Cabinet, he said.

Lavasa said the government will take the final call on the date of payout of revised allowances to government employees.

All the employees expecting announcement for 7th CPC Allowances & arrears for allowances. Hope all these topics will get some conclusion soon.

7th Pay Commission: Report on allowances to be placed before secretaries panel next week

7th Pay Commission: Report on allowances to be placed before secretaries panel next week
New Delhi: The report on allowances will be placed before the empowered committee of secretaries in the next week for screening, a finance ministry official told on Monday.

The empowered committee of secretaries to take up all issues of allowances, including house rent allowance (HRA), which has been submitted by Committee on Allowances headed by Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa on its report under the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission.

The Cabinet approved the setting up of Empowered Committee of Secretaries on January 13, 2016 to process the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission in an overall perspective. Accordingly, the report of allowances will be screened by that Empowered Committee of Secretaries, the official said.
The finance ministry has set up a 13-member Empowered Committee of Secretaries (E-CoS) headed by Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha on January 27, 2016 on cabinet nod for processing the report of the 7th Pay Commission, which has bearing on remuneration of 47 lakh central government employees and 52 lakh pensioners.

The other members in the panel include secretaries from the Home Affairs and Defence ministry and secretaries of department of personnel and training, pension and PW, revenue, expenditure, posts, health, and science and technology. Chairman of Railway Board, Deputy CAG and Secretary (Security) in the Cabinet Secretariat are also on the panel.

"It will look at all the issues of allowances, including HRA and it will function as a Screening Committee to process the Committee on Allowances report with regard to all relevant factors," the official said.
"The report on allowances is now being examined in the Department of Expenditure. It will be completed shortly, we expect, the finance minister Arun Jaitley next week will hand over it to the Empowered Committee of Secretaries (E-CoS) to examine it and after consideration by the empowered committee of secretaries, the higher allowances shall be placed before the Cabinet for approval.," the official added.
The employees now get all allowances except dearness allowance at the old rates until the cabinet approval of higher allowances.

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