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Department of Post Reply for One Day Strike notice and Charter of Demands - Vacant Post, GDS Committee Report, Revised wages to casual, Cadre Restructuring

Department of Post Reply for One Day Strike notice and Charter of Demands - Vacant Post, GDS Committee Report, Revised wages to casual, Cadre Restructuring

No. 08-12/2017-SR
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(SR Section)
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated: 01st August, 2017
The Secretary General,
National Federation of Postal Employees,
1st Floor, North Avenue P.O. Building,
New Delhi - 110001.

Subject : Trade Union action including one day strike on 23.08.2017 call given by National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE) in support of their demands.
I am directed to refer to your letter No. PF-12-C/2017 dated Nil on the above mentioned subject. The charter of demands has been examined by the concerned Divisions and replies to each item of demands showing the present status are enclosed herewith.

2.As many of your demands have been settled and few are under active consideration of the Department, it is requested that the proposed agitation including the one day strike called by you on 23.08.2017 may be called off.

Yours faithfully,
(P. S. Verma)
Director (SR & Legal)

Charter of demands submitted by NFPE vide letter dated 05.06.2017:

Demand / Reply

1. Filling up of all vacant posts in all cadres of Department of Posts i.e. PA, SA, Postmen, Mailguard, Mailmen, MTS, PACO, PASBCO, Postal Accounts and GDS.


GDS: Process of online engagement of GDS has already been started to fill up vacant post of GDS in 17 Circles. Due to technical snags in the online engagement software, process in remaining Circles will be started only after process in 17 Circles will finalize.

PA/SA: Result of PA/SA for the year 2015 is kept in abeyance as the matter is sub judice. Vacancies of PA/SA for the year 2016 have already been intimated to SSC.

LGO exam for promotion to the cadre of PA/SA for deputation to APS has been conducted on 04.06.2017.

LGOs exam for promotion to Assistants in MMS, Foreign Post, RLO, Stores Depot and CO/RO has been held on 16.07.2017.

In r/o other exams, viz. IP Exam 2016 -17, PM Grade I and PS Group B 2017-18, LGOs to PAs/SAs 2016 -17 and 2017-18, engagement of new approved Agency is in the pipeline. MoU between Department and Agency is to be signed.

For the Postman/Mail Guard and MTS cadre exams, instructions have been issued to all the Circles to fill up the vacancies by giving top priority.

Calendar of departmental Examinations scheduled to be held in the year 2017-18 has already been issued to all the Circles by giving tentative schedule for filling up the vacancies of decentralized examination i.e. PO & RMS Accountant Examination, LDCs to Junior Accountants in PAOs (Exam has been conducted by respective Circles), LGOs examination for promotion to Assistants of other wings i.e. MMS, Foreign Post, RLO, Stores Depot and CO/RO and other exams

2. Implementation of positive recommendations of GDS Committee Report. Grant of civil servant status to GDS.


The recommendations of the Kamlesh Chandra Committee have been considered by the Department of Posts and mandatory approvals are being obtained in this regard.

As far as grant of civil servant status to GDS is concerned, it is stated that according to Rule 3-A (v) of GDS Conduct Rules 2011, a Sevak shall be outside the Civil Service of the Union. Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in the matter of Superintendent of Post Offices vs PK Rajamma (1977) (3) SCC held that the Extra Departmental Agents {now called Gramin Dak Sevaks} are holders of the civil post outside the regular civil services. Moreover, they are part time employees being engaged for maximum of 5 hrs a day. In the light of above legal position demand of the Federation cannot be acceded to

3. Membership verification of GDS and declaration of result of regular employees’ membership verification.


GDS Verification:

The instructions have already been issued to all Circles to conduct the re- verification of membership of GDS employees vide this office letter No. 13-01/2016-SR dated 20.06.2017.

Declaration of result of regular employees’ membership verification:
The concerned file is being processed and the result is likely to be declared shortly

4. Stop all types of harassment and victimization in the name of new schemes and technology induction and under contributory negligence factor and Trade Union victimization.


FS Division has informed that no new schemes are launched by that Division on behalf of DoP. The DoP is operating Small Savings Schemes on behalf of MoF.

PLI Directorate has informed that they have completed roll out of Core Insurance Solution (CIS) as on 25.01.2016 to 808 HOs and 24598 Sub Post Offices as per the information provided by Circles. Roll out of RICT has not been initiated so far. They have also informed that at no point of time any case of harassment & victimization of staff has come to their notice

5. Payment of revised wages and arrears to the casual, part-time, contingent employees and daily rated mazdoors as per 6th & 7th CPC .


The order in respect of minimum pay for calculation of pay of casual labourers (without temporary status) has already been issued vide this office letter no. 7-10/2016-PCC dated 31.03.2017

6. Stop Privatization, Contractorization and outsourcing.


There is no proposal of corporatization/privatization at this juncture. The Department is making efforts to give better and competitive services to the customers specifically in the areas of insurance, banking and parcels.

7. Implement cadre restructuring for left out categories i.e. RMS, MMS, PACO, PASBCO, Postmaster Cadre Postal Accounts etc. and accept the modifications suggested by Federation before implementation of cadre restructuring in Postal Group ‘C’.


The cadre restructuring of left out cadres, i.e. RMS, PACO and PASBCO is currently under examination in consultation with the Department of Expenditure. The matter of cadre restructuring of Postmaster Cadre will be examined thereafter.

A Committee has been constituted, vide this office letter no. 25-04/2012-PE-I dated 09.06.2017, under the Chairmanship of Shri Charles Lobo, CPMG Karnataka Circle, to examine the issues arising out of implementation of Cadre Restructuring of Group C employees.

Cadre review of MMS is under active consultation with Ministry of Finance, DoE.


Payment of interest and maturity value of Small Savings Instruments through Savings Account

Payment of interest and maturity value of Small Savings Instruments through Savings Account

F. No. 1/3/2017-NS
Ministry of Finance
Department of Economic Affairs
(Budget Division)
North Block, New Delhi
Dated: 3 .8.2017
 Office Memorandum

Subject: Payment of interest and maturity value of Small Savings Instruments through Savings Account.

The undersigned is directed to refer to DoP's letter No. 113 -02/2015-SB dated 7.6.2017 on the subject and to state that the matter has been examined in this  Department and the following decisions have been taken:

(i) Accounts for the purpose of crediting interest/maturity value of all accounts of all Small Savings Instruments [except existing Post Office Savings Account (POSA)] and Small Savings accounts already linked to POSAS as on 31.7.2017 shall be Opened automatically as Basic Savings Account (zero balance account) with Specific coding "Interest and maturity value of Small Savings Instruments".

However, only one basic savings account shall be opened for one person and it shall be linked with CIF or/and Aadhaar. These are not normal POSA accounts, as these can be opened on zero balance for purposes such as MGNREGS etc. Interest on these accounts with this coding will be paid at POSA rates. Since some movement to Senior Citizens' Welfare Fund (SCWF) could happen from these Basic Savings (Zero Balance) accounts with coding "Interest and maturity value of Small Savings Instruments", DoP may make suitable electronic tracking of the maturity date of various instruments credited into this account, in order to move correct amounts to SCWF on appropriate dates.

(ii) The Department of Posts shall not open normal Post Office Savings Accounts only for the purpose of crediting interest/maturity value of Small Savings Instruments even if the customer is willing to do so.  Interest/maturity value has to be credited to a Basic Savings Account only.

(iii) No agency charges shall be paid by the Ministry of Finance for such Basic savings accounts “opened for crediting interest and maturity value of Small Savings instruments, as these are opened only for administrative ease.

(iv) The client may be kept informed of the movement of amounts into Basic Savings account at the time of maturity. These facilitate electronic transactions and discourage cash transactions. The client can withdraw the amount through ATM cards and need not approach the office for withdrawal.

(v) As soon as Reserve Bank of India permits NEFT and RTGS facility to DoP with other banks, Department of Posts shall credit interest and maturity value of instruments into ‘the savings account of the customer's choice' through these electronic modes, irrespective of whether that savings account is with DoP or any other bank. The need of opening Basic Savings Account would cease in those cases where the depositor has an existing saving account with a Bank.

2. This has the approval of Joint Secretary (Budget).
(Padam Singh)
Sr. Regional Director (NS)

Payment of interest and maturity value of Small Savings Instruments through Savings Account

Payment of interest and maturity value of Small Savings Instruments through Savings Account


Latest News on GDS Pay Committee Report

Latest News on GDS Pay Committee Report 

With reliable information sourced from the Senior Officer of Finance Ministry that the following Proposals agreed by the Department and sent to Finance Ministry and also probably accepted by the FM by the end of August 2017.

1. Fitment factor will be 2.57 like Department employees
2. Increment will be 3%
3. Implemented i.e. 1.1.2016 and arrears will be paid from that.
4. DA formula will be old one.
5. Minimum BPM Scale is Rs.12000 i.e. Level 2 is Rs.14500
6. For ABPM/Dak Sevaks Level 1 Rs.10000 and for Level 2 is Rs.12000/-
7. Level 2 old scales are 363-65-5585, 4220-75-6470 for ABPM
8. Level 1 of ABPMs old scales are 2295-45-3695, 2870-50- 4370, 2665-50-4165 and 3330-60-5130
9. Level 2 for BPMs old scales are 4115-75-6365, and 4575-85 -7125
10.Level 1 for BPMs olds scales are 3635-65-5585 and 4220-75 -6470
11. Ex-gratia bonus will be paid on par with Department employees and issued orders every year.
12. Children Education Facilitation Allowance: Rs.6000/- per year per child.
13. CMA will be to the tune of Rs.180/-
14. Boat allowance will be Rs.125/-
15. BPM office Rent Rs.500/- for standard and Rs.200/- for non standard.
16. Office maintains allowances for Level 1 BPM will be .500/- and other Rs.200/-
17. Stationary Charges Rs.25/- P.M
18. Combined duty allowance Rs.45/- per day and max Rs.1170/- per month will be paid to BPM for delivery or Mail conveyance and Rs.2340/- For BPM for delivery and conveyance per day min 75 - Rs.1950/- to ABPM for additional work of another ABPMDak sevak per day min 45- (Note: These rates will be for combination of duties of two or more posts borne on the establishment of the office)
19. Risk and Hardship Allowance Rs.100/-p.m
20. Cash conveyance allowance Rs.50/- plus actual conveyance charges i.e. bus and auto
21. The Department should not order closing of any GDS Post Office
22. Two cadres will remain one is BPM and second one Asst.BPMDak Sevaks
23. Two scales for each cadre Level one and Level two. 4 hrs and 5 hrs. And there will be reduction from level 2 to Level 1.
24. Point system will be abolishment and delinking payment of wages from the work load.
25. Other source of livelihood will continue as maximum working hours are retained as 5 hours only
26. Voluntary retirement scheme accepted with condition of minimum service 10 years
27. Voluntary retirement on Medical grounds accepted
28. Accepted the proposal pay committee for division into A,B,C and D categories.
29. New BO will be opened with a distance of 5 Kms
30. Post of office building infrastructure proposal as it is accepted .
31. Administrative and vigilance reasons transfers will be given
32. Transfer will be given one time for Male and two times for female and pay will not be reduced on transfer. However number of increments and financial up gradation will be retained in the changed wage level. Transfer will be given by PMG within regional level.
33. Recruitment for GDS will be through online system
34. FG bond System will remain same.
35. Promotion to MTS Cadre: One year minimum service sufficient and 50% quota will be for GDS in direct recruitment and max. age limit for selection cum seniority quota abolished.
36. Postman and Mail Guard: Direct recruitment quota increased to 75% and minimum qualifying service is one year only.
37. POSTAL ASST./Sorting Asst: Minimum qualifying service is 3 years only and maximum age limit raised to 35 years.
38. Leave: Emergency leave 5 days in a colander year. Paid leave will be Maximum of 180 days accumulation also agreed and will be en- chased while discharge or quitting the GDS service on promotion. Regarding LWA there is no change in old conditions.
39.Women GDS should be given 26 weeks of maternity leave with FULL SALARY from salaries head instead Welfare fund. Paternity leave will not be granted.
40. All the additional disciplinary rules proposed by the committee accepted.
41. Ex-gratia payment for suspension period 25% will remain same.
42. Social Security Schemes:
(A) Severance amount enhanced to @4000/- from 1.1.2016 subject to Max.of Rs.150000/-
(B)SDBS subscription from GDS is Rs.300/- and department will credit Rs.300/- it will be manned like NPS system for Dept.employees.
(c) GDS Gratuity will be paid Rs.150000/- Minimum service 10 years it will also allowed to voluntary discharges GDS.
43. GDS GIS scheme will remain no change at present.
44. WELFARE..Circle welfare Fund subscription will be Rs.100/- and Department grant will be Rs.200/- per annum. CWF extended to family members and dependents.
45. Assistance or grants from CWF will be raised to 10%
46. Rs.10000/- will paid for purchase of tablet/Mobile phone
47. ESI,Group Health Insurance Proposal of OIC and EPF will be considered later.

Source :

7th Pay Commission Pay revision for Kendriya Vidyalaya Employees KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA SANGATHAN

7th Pay Commission Pay revision for Kendriya Vidyalaya Employees KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA SANGATHAN
F.11015-3/2017-KVS (Admn-I)/ Vol
The Deputy Commissioner
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
All Regional Offices
Date: 03.08.2017
Sub : Pay revision of employees of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan in terms of Central Civil Services (Revised Pay), Rules, 2016-Reg.

I am directed to convey the approval of the competent authority for the adoption of the revised Pay Scales as per the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) to the employees of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sarigathan (both teaching and non­ teaching) as per the Pay Matrix as contained in Part-A of the schedule of Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016 as well as the principle of pay fixation as contained in the said rules as notified by Ministry of Finance, Government of India vide their notification dated 25.07.2016 in respect of Central Government employees. The post wise details of the revised pay scales are given in Annexure-I.

The following conditions are to be taken care of while implementing the 7th CPC in KVS :-
a) The revised pay structure shall be admissible to those employees who opt for the same in accordance with the extent Rules.
b) Deductions on account of Provident Fund, Contributory Provident Fund or National Pension Scheme, as may be applicable, will have to be made on the basis of the revised pay w.e.f. the date an employee opts to elect the revised pay structure.
c) Until further orders the existing allowances in KVS shall continue to be admissible as per the existing terms and conditions irrespective of the revised pay scales adopted.
d) There will be no payment of arrears to the employees which will accrue to them on account of the revision of pay as the same has been put on hold by Ministry till additional budget allocation on this account is made available
2. A copy of Gazette Notification No.1-2/2016-IC dated 25.07.2016 issued by Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure as Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules 2016, Memorandum No. 1-5/2016-IC dated 29.07.2016 and OM No.1- 5/2016-IC dated 01.08.2016 are forwarded for necessary information and guidance as (Annexure-II, III & IV) respectively.

3. Copy of Form of Option is attached as Annexure-V. The Option shall be obtained from the employees within 03 months from the date of issue of this letter, in duplicate. The statement of fixation of pay under Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016 is attached as Annexure-VI. The same may be prepared with reference to the pre-revised scale and the corresponding revised Pay Matrix level as per 7thCPC, in duplicate. Each employee has to submit an undertaking. A copy of undertaking is attached as Annexure-VII.

4. The option for revised pay scales may be obtained in prescribed proforma in duplicate. A copy of the same may be pasted in the service book of the employee concerned while the other copy along with a statement of fixation of pay as per Annexure-VI ibid may be sent to the Finance Officer of the Region in case of Kendriya Vidyalayas and Regional Offices for verification and approval. The Finance Officer shall retain the copy of the option exercised by the employee along with one copy of the statement of fixation of pay for record in his office, while the second copy of the statement will be returned to the Vidyalaya concerned after approval. On receipt of the statement of fixation of pay duly verified and approved from the Finance Officer, the Principal/ Deputy Commissioner will paste the same in the service book of the employee concerned.

5. Options in respect of Deputy Commissioners / Assistant Commissioners and Administrative Officers of Regional Offices, whose service books are maintained in the Headquarters will be sent to Assistant Commissioner (Establishment-f) KVS Hqrs along with the statement of fixation of pay.

6. The pay can be drawn as per revised scale for all the teaching" and non­ teaching staff of KVS on the basis of pay fixation statement without awaiting approval of the Finance Officer of Regional Office concerned /KVS (Hqrs) in view of specific undertaking in Annexure-VII ibid. Similar action can also be taken in case of staff of Regional Offices.

7. Copy of this circular may be sent to all Kendriya Vidyalayas functioning under your administrative jurisdiction for implementation immediately under intimation to KVS (Hqrs).The nomenclature of posts mentioned at Sr. No. 19, 20, 23 & 27 is that of Assistant Section Officer, Senior Secretariat Assistant and Junior Secretariat Assistant as already notified vide KVS circular dated 26.12.2016. However, while issuing orders of pay fixation, the’ nomenclatures such as Assistant, UDC, LDC only may be used as the matter of change of nomenclature of these posts is under examination.This issues with the approval of competent authority.Hindi version of this letter will follow
Yours faithfully
Additional Commissioner (Admn.)
SI. No.Name of the postScale of pay as per 5 th CPCScale of pay as per 6 th CPCPay matrix level as per 7 th CPC

Group 'A' (Non-teaching)

1.Commissioner18400-500- 22400PB-4 -37400- 67000 Grade Pay 10000 PB-4 -37400- 67000 Grade Pay 8700level -14 level -13
2.Addl. Commissioner (Earlier known as Joint Commissioner)14300-400- 18300  
3.Joint Commissioner (Earlier known as Deputy Commissioner)14300-400-18300PB-4 -37400- 67000 Grade Pay 8700level -13
4.Superintending Engineer PB-4 -37400- 67000 Grade Pay 8700level -13
5.Deputy Commissioner (Earlier known as Assistant Commissioner)12000-375-16500PB-3 -1 5600 -391 00 Grade Pay 7600level -12
6.Assistant Commissioner (Admn.) (Earlier known as Sr.Administrative Officer)10000-325- 15200PB-3 -15600 -39100 Grade Pay 6600level -11
7.Assistant Commissioner (Finance) (Earlier known as Sr. Audit and Accounts Officer)10000-325- 15200PB-3 -1 5600 -391 00 Grade Pay 6600level -11
8.Executive Engineer10000-325- 15200PB-3 -1 5600-391 00 Grade Pay 6600level -11
9Administrative Officer8000-275- 13500PB-3 -15600-39100 Grade Pay 5400level -10

Group 'B' (Non-teaching )

10.Computer Programmer PB-2 -9300-34800 Grade Pay 5400level -09
11.Finance Officer(Earlier known as Audit and Accounts Officer)7450-225-11500PB-2 - 9300-34800 Grade Pay 4600level -07
12.Section Officer6500-200- 10500PB-2 -9300-34800 Grade Pay 4600level -07
13.Assistant Director (OL) (Earlier known as Hindi Officer)6500-200-10500PB-2 -9300-34800 Grade Pay 4600level -07
14.Assistant Editor6500-200- 10500PB-2 -9300-34800 Grade Pay 4600level -06
15.Technical Officer I6500-200- 10500PB-2 -9300-34800 Grade Pay 4600level -07
16.Private Secretary6500-200- 10500PB-2 -9300-34800 Grade Pay 4600level -07
17.Steno Grade-I5000-50- 8000PB-2 -9300-34800 Grade Pay 4200level - 06
18.Statistical Officer(Earlier Known asStatistical Assistant )5500-175-9000.PB-2 -9300-34800 Grade Pay 4200level -06
19.Assistant5000-150- 8000PB-2 -9300-34800 Grade Pay 4200level - 06
20.Assistant4500-125- 7000PB-1 5200-20200 Grade Pay 2800Level- 05
21.Sr. Hindi Translator5000-150- 8000PB-2 -9300-34800 Grade Pay 4200level - 06
22.Hindi Translator4500-125- 7000PB-2 -9300-34800 Grade Pay 4200level - 06

Group 'C' (Non-teaching )

23.UDC4000-100-6000PB-1 - 5200-20200 Grade Pay 2400level -04
24.Steno Grade -II (Earlier Known as Jr.Stenographer)4000-100-6000PB-1 -5200- 20200 Grade Pay 2400level -04
25.Proof Reader4000-100- 6000PB-1 -5200-20200 Grade Pty 2400 PB-1 -5200 -20200 , Grade Pay 2400level -04
26.Hostel Nurse4000-100- 6000 revel -04
27LDC3050-75-3950-80- 4590PB-1 -5200-20200 Grade Pay 1900level - 02
28.Staff Car DriverOrdinary Grade :3050-75-3950-80- 4590PB-1 -5200-20200 Grade Pay 1900level -02
  Grade- II : 4000-100- 6000PB-1 -5200-20200 Grade Pay 2400level - 04
  Grade- I : 4500-125- 7000PB-1 -5200-20200 Grade Pay 2800level - 05
  Special Grade:5000-150- 8000PB-2 -9300-34800 Grade Pay 4200level - 06
29.Electrician3050-75-3950-80- 4590PB-1 -5200-20200 Grade Pay 1900level - 02
30Sub Staff (Earlier known as Lab Attendant/ Daftary/Liftman/Aya (Hostel) / Group -D)2610-60-2910 -65-3300-70-4000,2550-55-2660-60- 3200PB-1 -5200- 20200 Grade Pay 1800level -01

Non-teaching(Dying Cadre)

31Lab- Assistant4000-100- 6000PB-1 -5200-20200 Grade Pay 2400level -04 KVS has already informed that the number of sanctioned posts of Lab Assistant which is dying cadre has now become zero. The corresponding level is being given for the existing retired individuals.

Group 'A' (Teaching)

32.Assistant Commissioner (Earlier known as Education Officer)10000-325-15200PB-3- 15600-39100, Grade Pay 7600level -12
33.Principal10000-325- 15200PB-3-15600 -39100, Grade Pay 7600level -12
34.Vice PrincipalEntry Scale7500- 250-12000PB-3-15600 -39100, Grade Pay 5400level -10
  Sr. Scale8000-275- 13500PB-3-15600 -39100, Grade Pay 6600level -11

Group 'B' (Teaching)

35.Post Graduate TeacherEntry Scale (Grade Ill)6500-200-10500PB-2-9300 -34800 Grade Pay 4800level -08
  Sr. Scale (Grade II) 7500-250- 12000PB-3-15600 -39100, Grade Pay 5400level -10
  Selection Scale (Grade I)8000-275- 13500PB-3-15600 -39100, Grade Pay 6600level -11
36.Trained Graduate Teacher/ Headmaster/ PET/ Drawing Teacher/ Home Science Teacher/ Librarian/ Yoga Teacher ***Entry Scale (Grade III) 5500-175-9000PB-2-9300 -34800 Grade Pay 4600level -07
  Sr. Scale (Grade II) 6500-200- 10500PB-2-9300 -34800 Grade Pay 4800level - 08
  Selection Scale (Grade I)7500-250- 12000PB-3-15600 -39100, Grade Pay 5400** The Yoga Teacher who does not possess the qualification i.e. bachelor's, Degree with three months training in yoga from recognize dinstitution will been titled to get the three tier pay scale from the date of acquiring the said qualification, if other wise admissible. Till such time they will continue in the scale of Rs. 4500-125 -7000 (i.e.5200 -20200 with grade pay Of Rs. 2800).level -10** The Yoga Teacher who does not possess the qualification i.e. bachelor's Degree with three month straining in yoga from recognized institution will be entitled to get the three tier pay scale from the date of acquiring the said qualification, if otherwise admissible. Till such time they will continue in Level -05
37.PRT/ Music TeacherEntry Scale (Grade III) 4500-125-7000PB-2-9300 -34800 Grade Pay 4200Level-6
  Sr. Scale (Grade II) 5500-175- 9000PB-2-9300 -34800 Grade Pay 4600Level- 7
  Selection Scale(Grade I) 6500-200- 10500PB-2-9300 -34800 Grade Pay 4800Level- 8
Signed copy

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