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NFIR: Implementation of cadre restructuring in the gazetted setup of IT cadre on Indian Railways


Implementation of cadre restructuring in the gazetted setup of IT cadre on Indian Railways
No I/8/CRC/12/IT

Dated: 01/06/2018

The Financial Commissioner (Railways),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

The Member Staff
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,
Sub: Implementation of cadre restructuring in the gazetted setup of IT cadre on Indian Railways- reg.
Ref: (i) Railway Board's proposal received vide letter No. 2011/AC-II/37/3 dated 24/03/2015 addressed to Federations.
(ii) NFIR's letter No. II/2/Part VI dated 31/03/2015.
(iii) NFIR's letter No. I/8/CRC/12/IT dated 08/11/2017, 11/12/2017 &12/02/2018.

Federation vide its letter dated 12/02/2018 invited kind attention of the Railway Board to the issue relating to cadre restructuring in the Gazetted set up of IT cadre over Indian Railways.
While enclosing copy of NFIR's letter No. I/8/CRC/12/IT dated 12/02/2018, Federation reiterates below following vital points for taking expeditious decision for granting cadre restructuring/upgradation to the gazetted set up of IT cadre in Railways.
  • With reference to the proposal of Railway Board vide letter dated 24/03/2015, NFIR vide its letters dated 26/03/2015 and 31/03/2015 had furnished detailed comments on draft report of the Committee of IT cadre constituted by the Board for gazetted and non-gazetted cadres. Thereafter the Railway Board though issued half-baked and erroneous orders vide letter No. 2016/AC-II (CC)/37/9 dated 18/04/2017 for non-gazetted IT cadre, which was disputed by NFIR vide letter 08/11/2017. However, there has been no finality on cadre restructuring of gazetted set up of IT cadre till date.
  • The series of communications sent by the Federation, duly highlighting 7th CPC recommendations along with model cadre structure of EDP Staff has again been highlighted to the Railway Ministry vide NFIR’s letter dated 11/12/2017 with request to re-visit the existing instructions and formulate the structure, but however there has been no response from Railway Board.
  • Federation also brought to the notice of Railway Ministry, the action initiated by the DoP&T (OM dated 17/10/2016) relating to the implementation of the recommendations of 7th CPC, but the Federation is still unaware as to what proposal/comments have been made available by the Railway Ministry to the DoP&T. Federation would like to have a copy of the comments for pursuing the matter further and to provide additional material/comments where necessary.
  • Federation also requested the Railway Board for placement of 15% of JA Grade Posts of IT cadre in GP 8700 and 64 JA Grade Posts in the Zones & Production Units based on the recommendations of the report of EDs Committee, unfortunately, nothing has been done in this regard also.
  • Federation's suggestions for provision of 1 SAG post in each Zone & Production Unit, considering the technological advancement/fast changes taking place in this field, has also not been considered as there has been no response yet.
  • Federation's another suggestion for provision of atleast 26 posts in ICF on par with RCF, Kapurthala is also yet to be considered.
NFIR, therefore once again requests the Railway Board (FC & MS) to kindly consider the above merits as well the comments furnished earlier through communications cited under reference and take expeditious action for granting cadre restructuring and upgradation for IT cadre (Gazetted) as recommended by 7th CPC as well the EDs' Committee report. Copies of documents sent to the DoP&T may kindly be made available to the Federation early.


Yours faithfully,
(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

Source: NFIR

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