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Denial of Leave Salary duly reckoning 30% of 7th CPC pay for Running Staff - NFIR


Denial of Leave Salary duly reckoning 30% of 7th CPC pay for Running Staff - reg.

No. IV/RSAC/Conf./Part IX

Dated: 13/02/2018

The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,

Sub: Denial of Leave Salary duly reckoning 30% of 7th CPC pay for Running Staff - reg.

The extant instructions provide that the Running Staff are entitled for payment of Leave Salary duly reckoning 30% of pay. It has, however, been represented by our affiliates as well staff that on many Zonal Railways 30% of 7th CPC pay is not being reckoned for the purpose of payment of Leave Salary to the Running Staff. When pointed out, the Zonal Railways stated that Board's clarification is awaited.

In this connection, NFIR desires to state that Leave Salary is not part of Allowances, therefore, 30% of 7th CPC pay needs to be added to the Basic Pay for the purpose of payment oi Leave Salary to the Running Staff. In view of confusion prevailing on certain Zonal Railways, the Railway Board may consider issuing suitable clarification for reckoning 30% of 7th CPC pay for the purpose of payment of Leave Salary.

NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board to issue clarification instructions as suggested above, duly endorsing copy thereof to the Federation, at the earliest.

Yours faithfully

(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary
Source : NFIR

BPMS: Drastic reduction in Budgetary support to Ordnance Factories

BPMS: Drastic reduction in Budgetary support to Ordnance Factories

REF: BPMS /MOD /Budget /186 (8/1/R)
Dated: 10.02.2018
Smt. Nirmala Sitharamari, Defence Minister,
Government of India,
South Block, New Delhi

Sub : Drastic reduction in Budgetary support to Ordnance Factories

Hon'ble madam,

With due regards, I would like to bring the following for your kind personal intervention at the earliest please:-

We were not surprised on your statement speaking on the eve to mark 90 years of the setting up of leading industry body FICCI on 14.12.2017 when you said: "This may be a proper and suitable occasion to say that I am doing a major review of the ordnance factories, to make sure we understand where they are, what is it that they have to be given, are they going to be in a position to be joint venture partners for people trying to benefit from transfer of technology… so OFBs (ordnance factory boards) are also being looked into."

But we are consternated to note that all of a sudden the government has drastically cut down the Budgetary support of the Ordnance Factories, both for the Revised Estimates for the year 2017-18 and the Budgetary Estimates for the year 2018-19. In the current year Value of Issue for Army was planned at Rs. 14496 crore which has been reduced to Rs. 11419 crore (reduction by 21.22%). Budget Estimate for the year 2018-19 indicates reduction from Rs. 14872 crore to Rs. 11743 crore for issues to Army. Due to this, spares of 'A' Vehicles and Artillery Guns, sighting Systems and Electronics, General Stores and Clothing, Small Arms cannot be supplied to Army. This will have a cascading adverse effect on the capacity utilization of concerned 12 Ordnance Factories, pay pocket of employees and society at large.

As a major stakeholder, this development is being view with great concern as it directly and brutally affects not only the Defence Production sector per se, but the war preparedness of the Nation too.

In this connection we seek to bring to your kind attention various correspondence of this Federation wherein we have reiterated the fact that depending on the Private Sector on critical supplies have been a failure till date and will continue to be so in the future too, after all, this sector cannot just perform on the single point agenda of “return on investment”, the mainstay of the private enterprises.

Suffice to mention once again that the private sector can only make sound & fury but cannot deliver due to the vagarity of the situation prevalent in defence purchases.

It is worth to mention here that erstwhile Defence Minister, Shri Manohar Parrikar had been encouraging the Ordnance Factories' employees/organization as they ensured defence production upto Rs 14,000 crore in the financial year 2015-16. He noticed that the output of the ordnance factory had improved for the first time by 17 per cent. It was stagnant for four to five years and hovering around Rs 10,000 to Rs 11,000 crore. He used to say, "Ordnance Factories have achieved new milestones in production of ammunition and defence weapons. These defence establishments have a bright future for feeding defence products for security of the nation. Now, ordnance factories are eyeing production of Rs 20,000 crore in near future,"

The drastic reduction in Budgetary support, it is apprehended, will entail stoppage of supplies of various critical spares, general items, electronic items and even small arms and ammunitions, directly affecting the work load of more than a dozen factories and thousands of workmen.

In view of the above, we seek your kind personal intervention in the matter with an request to restore the budgetary support to its original state to avoid a major collapse of supplies which may eventually cause impediment to the war preparedness of the Nation.

An immediate action in the matter is therefore solicited.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Sincerely yours

Secretary/BPMS &
Member, JCM-II Level Council (MOD)

Source : BPMS

Loco Running Staff - Rajya Sabha Q&A

Loco Running Staff - Rajya Sabha Q&A


ANSWERED ON 09.02.2018


Will the Minister of RAILWAYS be pleased to state:

(a) the number of loco running staff in Railways at present;

(b) their average work load per week;

(c) the maximum hours of continuous work they have to do in a week;

(d) how much increase in their emoluments have been given during the last three years; and

(e) how do they compare with emoluments of other railway staff?


(a) to (e): A Statement is laid on the Table of the House.


(a) As on 01.04.2017, over Zonal Railways, total number of employed staff in loco running category is 87196.
(b) & (c) As per the provision of the Railways Act, 1989 and the Railway Servants (Hours of Work & Period of Rest) Rules, 2005, Loco running staff on the Railways are classified as ‘Continuous’ and as such, their rostered hours of work is 54 hours a week on an average in a two-weekly period of 14 days.

(d) & (e) After the Seventh CPC (Central Pay Commission) recommendations, the basic pay of the non-running staff has been increased by a multiplication factor of 2.57 with effect from 01.01.2016 and then fixed in the appropriate cell of the relevant Level in the Seventh CPC pay matrix, while for the running staff the multiplication factor of 2.945 was used. Further, the actual raise in the pay of the running staff has been ensured at a minimum of 14.29 percent with the Ministry of Finance (MoF) concurrence. This has resulted in an effective multiplication factor of around 3.01 for Running Staff. The running staff also get allowances like Dearness Allowance and House Rent Allowance on the basic pay enhanced by 30%.

Source : Rajya Sabha

ECHS - Signing of online Generated Temporary slip from online smart card Application

ECHS - Signing of online Generated Temporary slip from online smart card Application

Central Organisation, ECHS
Adjutant General's Branch
Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)
Maude Lines
Delhi Cantt - 110 010

31 Jan 2018
 Tele: 011-25684645
Telefax: 011-25682392

All Regional Centers


1. Refer this organisation letter No. B/49711- NewSmartCard/AG/ECHS dated 23 Jan 2018.

2. In the new system all the applicants, except old card holders are being issued online generated temporary slip with details of each family member of the applicant. A sample of the online generated temporary slip is attached for reference.

3. The online generated temporary slip is to be activated by the OIC Parent Polyclinic. He will sign the Temporary Slip after verifying any of the following documents:-
(a) PPO / Pension Book of ex serviceman / family pensioner.
(b) Service Book / Discharge Book of ex serviceman / family pensioner.
(c) Date of birth of dependents as per discharge book / dependent cards.
4. The Temporary Slip will be valid for a period of three months from the dated of issue. The validity of the temporary slip subsequently can be extended further for periods of three months at a time only after checking the online status of the application.

5. The online generated temporary slip as well as the old temporary slip or old card as the case may be is required to be submitted at Stn HQ, at the time of collection of New Smart Card.

6. For Regional Centres only. Please disseminate contents of this letter to all ECHS Polyclinics and Stn HQs in your AoR by fastest means for immediate action.

7. For MP-8 only. Please disseminate contents of this letter to all Record Offices of the Army for information.

8. This letter supersedes all the letters issued by this organisation prior to this date on subject.

(Rakesh Sharma)
Jt Dir (Stats & Automation)

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