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Revision of rates of Daily Allowance (T.A.) to Railway employees on tour - Reimbursement of Hotel charges when no rest house facility made available

Revision of rates of Daily Allowance (T.A.) to Railway employees on tour - Reimbursement of Hotel charges when no rest house facility made available


No. I/5 (F)
Dated: 20/08/2018
The Secretary (E),
Railway Board.
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Revision of rates of Daily Allowance (T.A.) to Railway employees on tour - Reimbursement of Hotel charges when no rest house facility made available-reg.

Ref: (i) Railway Board's letter No. F(E)1/2017/AL-28/40 dated 08/08/2017(PC-VII-31 & RBE No. 84/2017).
(ii) Railway Board's letter No. F(E)I/2017/AL-28/41 dated 24/08/2017(PC-VII-45 & RBE No. 103/2017).
(iii) NFIR's letter No.1/5 (F) dated 22/06/2018.
(iv) Railway Board's letter No.F(E)l/2017/AL-28/40 dated 31/07/2018.

While appreciating the prompt reply of the Railway Board not agreeing with the proposal made by the Federation through its letter dated 22/6/2018, NFIR reiterates again the following facts:

• There are many places where there is no rest house at all,
• Wherever there are rest houses for subordinate staff, their accommodation is totally inadequate and the employees do not get even Cot/Bed,
• The condition of rest houses is very bad so much so, the bed sheets, pillow covers etc., are not even washed regularly (i.e. the condition is unhygienic),
• Mattresses in the rest houses are very dirty and not fit for use.

The Railway Board's contention for denying the legitimate entitlement, citing 7th CPC recommendation and Government of India’s approval thereon is not only illogical but also highly improper. It needs to be appreciated that when employee is ordered to undertake tour on duty, he is rightly entitled for facilities as well Daily Allowance / Travelling Allowance. The case cited by NFIR is that in those cases where the staff proceed on duty to other places where the rest house facility is not available or condition of rest house is so bad that no human being can live, in such situations the reimbursement of hotel charges has to be ensured by the employer. Therefore the simple reply in one paragraph given by the Railway Board not agreeing the legitimate demand of NFIR is unacceptable to the Federation and we surmise that the Railway Board never wanted to take the ground situation into consideration for extending legitimate benefit to the staff. It is also unfortunate that while the Central Government has allowed reimbursement charges towards hotel accommodation to its employees when they undertake tour on duty, the Railway Board is unwilling to adopt Government of India’s rules probably with an intention to deny the legitimate benefit%to railwaymen deliberately.

Federation therefore urges upon the Railway Board to review the matter with judicious intention and issue instructions to the GMs etc., for ensuring reimbursement of accommodation/rest house/hotel charges in those cases where the resting facilities or either inadequate or not provided or not available.

Yours Faithfully

(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary
Source: NFIR

Ministry of Railways extends all possible help to people of Kerala to combat floods

Ministry of Railways
Ministry of Railways extends all possible help to people of Kerala to combat floods

Indian Railways has restored all affected tracks, normal Rail traffic is being restored from today
21 AUG 2018
Due to unprecedented intense rain during south west monsoon during the last one week, and consequent opening of about 36 dams in  state of Kerala, 3 Divisions of Southern Railway were severely affected with heavy flash floods, land slips, boulder falling on track etc from 16.08.2018 as detailed below:-

a)      In Thiruvananthapuram Division, Water level rose above danger level across 11 bridges, track got submerged at 3 locations, embankment washed away at 3 locations, Earth slips occurred at 7 locations over various sections.

b)      In Palakkad Division, Water level rose above danger level across 10 bridges and track got submerged at one location.

c)      In Madurai Division, earth slip and falling of boulders occurred at 6 locations.

d)      Railway team worked with dedication round the clock to clear the hurdles in the flood hit sections and all sections in the main route of Kerala were opened 20th August 2018 as below:
Ø Thiruvananthapuram (TVC) to Nagarcoil (NCJ) section was suspended from 0700 hrs of 15.8.2018 and was given fit from 09.30 hrs of 16.8.2018.

Ø  Ernakulam (ERS) - Kottayam (KTYM) suspended from 1600 hrs of 16.8.18, and given  fit from 20 hrs of  19.08.2018.

Ø  Ernakulam (ERS) - Shoranur (SRR) suspended from 1200 hrs of 16.8.18, and  was given fit from 2315 hrs of 19.08.2018.

Ø  Palakkad (PGT) - Shoranur (SRR) suspended from 1600hrs of 16.8.18 and was given fit at 0815hrs of 18.08.2018.

Ø  Shoranur (SRR) - Kozhikkode (CLT) suspended from 1600hrs of 16.8.18 and  was given fit at  0845 hrs of 19.8.18.

Ø  Kollam(QLN) - Punalur (PUU) section was  given fit on 20.08.2018.

Ø   Punalur (PUU) - Senkottai (SCT) and Thrissur (TCR) - Gururvayur (GUV) branch lines with heavy damages and falling of large amounts of boulders are also being attended on war foot basis, likely to be ready  within  two three days.
e) A total number of 9 track machines were deployed round the clock to repair the tracks.

f)       7 special trains carrying boulders, sand and ballast were sent for the restoration of affected track and embankment portions.

g)      HQ and Divisional team of about 30 Officers, 45 Supervisors and about 450 Railway Staff worked round the clock braving rain and water at adverse conditions with dedication and sincerity to restore the tracks on priority to give connectivity to state of Kerala at this critical time.

h)      Almost All the train services  except for few for want of pairing rakes are restored from today.

Specials Trains to help stranded Passengers in Kerala :

Ø 61 Passenger specials were run in Thiruvanathapuram and  Palakkad Divisions to connect stranded passengers.  In particular, Thiruvananthapuram- Ernakulam section was connected by passenger Special Trains via Alleppey,  which was not affected during the flood period every 3 hrs,  helping all for the movement of people, rescue and relief team. This was appreciated by press and media widely.

Ø  13 Express specials were run from Ernakulam and  Thiruvananthapuram, via Madurai from 17.08.2018 to 20.08.2018. Out of the above,

Ø  4 Trains from Ernakulam  to Chennai Egmore,

Ø  3 Trains from Ernakulam to Santragachi,

Ø  1 Train  between Thiruvananthapuram  and Howrah,

Ø  1Train between Thiruvananthapuram and  Silchar ,

Ø  1 Train from Thiruvananthapuram  to Gorakhpur,

Ø  1 Train between  Kochuveli and Bhubaneswar,

Ø  2 Trains from Chennai Egmore to Ernakulam were run.

Ø  Among these, 3 specials were run from Ernakulam and Thiruvananthpuram  to Santragachi based on the request  from State Government  of West Bengal.

Ø 1 special train from Kochuveli, Thiruvananthapuram  to Bhubaneswar was run today on the request of State Government of Odisha.

Three Water rake Specials to Kerala:

Ø Southern Railway dispatched first water special with 7 BRN wagons carrying 2.8 lakh litres of water from Erode Jn Station to Kayankulam on 18.08.2018.

Ø  Second water special from Erode with 10 BRN wagons carrying 3.2 lakh litre of water also reached Tiruvalla on 20.08.2018.

Ø  Third water tank special with 29 tank wagons carrying 14.5 lakh litre of water which was dispatched from Pune on 18.8.2018 has reached Ernakulam on 20.08.2018.

Ø  Railways are running more water specials to meet the request of State Govt.

Three lakh Rail Neer Bottles from IRCTC Plants in Southern Railway:

Ø Railway arranged 2 lakh numbers of one litre bottle of Rail Neer water to Flood Ravaged Kerala through Thiruvananthapuram Division.

Ø   Another one lakh bottles are getting ready to be delivered.

Ø    Railway Officials at Headquarters and Divisional Levels are coordinating with state Government officials of Kerala for the movement of the water bottles to required destination.

Deployment of Professional Swimmers:

Ø 10 employees who are Professional Swimmers of Thiruvananthapuram Division of Southern Railway were deputed to help in relief/rescue operations in connection with the flood affected areas in the district of Pattanamthitta for a period of 5 days, which was very much appreciated.

Contributions to Kerala CM's Relief Fund:

Ø Rs.65 lakh was contributed by the Officers and staff of Trivandrum Division to Chief Minister of Kerala Relief Fund to assist flood victims. Divisional Railway manger Trivandrum handed over the cheque to Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala on 20.08.2018.

Free transportation of Rice Train Special from Chhattisgarh:

Ø One rake containing 2500 tons of Rice dispatched from Raipur to Kazhakutam by Chhattisgarh Government to support flood victims of KeralaRailways didn't charge any freight for this consignment. The rake is on run to the destination and is being closely monitored.

Free Transport of Relief Materials to Kerala:

Ø Railway is arranging free transport of flood relief materials till 31st August, 2018 to Stations in Kerala.

Ø   Apart from government agencies, reputed organizations approved by DRMs were permitted to load the materials free of cost, to Stations within Kerala..

Ø  Help desks are opened in 11 major Parcel offices across Southern Railway. viz., .Chennai Central Chennai Egmore .Madurai Tiruchchirappalli.Salem Tirunelveli. Villupuram, Karur.Tirupur.Erode  and Coimbatore stations.

Blankets & Bed sheets being given to needy:

Ø 3000 bedsheets and 300 blankets are already handed over to the relief authorities by Thiruvananthapuram Division.

Ø  4000 bed sheets and 700 blankets are also being arranged from six division’s to Sr DCM Trivandrum to be handed over to Relief Authorities.

South Western Railway VPU with support materials:

Ø One VPU loaded with flood relief materials containing Rice, Dal, Sooji, Atta, oils, sugar, clothes, medicines, bleaching powder , etc., sent by SWR from Yashvantpur to Palakkad Division by Train No.16515 for distribution in Kerala.

Water Purifiers, and other materials:

Ø 150 Water purifiers sent by Train No.12626 has reached Piravam Road of  Kerala today for distribution.

Ø  Food packages, medicines, sanitary napkins, biscuits, soaps, etc., received at Parcel Help Desks are being dispatched to Kerala at regular intervals on priority.

Southern Railway(SR) Medical Aid through St.John’s Ambulance Brigade Service:

Ø SR Opened First-aid Booths at major railway stations viz., Tiruvalla, Kottayam, Ernakulam and Chengannur.

Ø  8 Lakhs worth of medical relief materials mobilized are being taken to Chengannur for distribution.

Southern Railway's helping hand in all possible ways:

Ø Special control cells were opened in Trivandrum and Palakkad control Office which were coordinated by  officers / Commercial inspectors

Ø  Help desks, Enquiry Counters, Ticket refund Counters were opened at Trivandrum Central, Ernakulam Jn, Alleppey, Nagercoil, Thrissur, Mangalore Central, Kannur, Kozhikkode, Palakkad, Shoranur stations to help passengers.

Ø  Press and media bulletins were released frequently to update public on trains services and relief/restoration works.

Shelter Arrangements free of cost:

Ø Paid AC waiting halls were opened to all passengers free of cost in both the divisions.

Ø  Stranded passengers were accommodated in Panchayat community Centre Schools at Shoranur.

Ø  At Chengannur, the pilgrimage Centre at the Railway premises has been converted into relief camp. More than 200 people have taken shelter there. Food packets and drinking water is being arranged by State Government officials.

Ø  At different stations and locations station staff are actively helping the NDRF officials in rescuing the people who are stranded and taken shelter at Railway Stations Specially in Chalakkudi and Kottayam section of Trivandrum division and Shoranur station of Palakkad   division.

Food Arrangements free of cost:

Ø At all major stations, Trivandrum and Palakkad the catering establishments are operated round the clock and food supplied to the needy on payment basis.

Ø  Arrangements were made to supply food packets through NGO for stranded passengers in Aluva–Wadakkanchery section of Trivandrum and Shoranur in Palakkad division.      

Ø  Food packets were distributed to staff working in the section Shoranur – Calicut section.

Ø  12000 Food packets were arranged at Chalakkudi and Aluva during 16th to 18th August 2018.

Ø  The staff of divisional office collected relief materials worth Rs 4 lakh which was also handed over to the district administration.

Rescue efforts of SR along with NDRF/State Govt:

Ø At Chalakkudi station which was marooned in floods, many rescue attempts were spearheaded by the Railway staff in coordination with the NDRF authorities and finally all 50 persons including Railway staff were rescued.

Ø  Nearly 1000 locals were rescued by tower car operated in the traffic near Ernakulam on 17th and 18th August. A pregnant lady was rescued by boat from Chovvara station and airlifted to Thrissur, which was widely appreciated.


7th CPC: Revision of Entitlement of TA/DA to JCM Members

7th CPC: Revision of Entitlement of TA/DA to JCM Members

Revision of Entitlement of TA/DA to JCM Members after implementation of Seventh CPC recommendations
F. No. 8/10/2008-JCA
Government of India Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Establishment (JCA) Section
North Block, New Delhi
Dated 20th August, 2018

Subject: Revision of Entitlement of TA/DA to JCM Members after implementation of Seventh CPC recommendations.

The undersigned is directed to say that consequent upon the revision of rates of Travelling Allowance/Daily Allowance by the Department of Expenditure vide O.M. No. 19030/1/2017-E.IV dated 13/07/2017, the Staff Side Members of the National Council (NC)/Departmental Councils and Third Level/Regional Councils of JCM shall be entitled to TA/DA etc. in the following manner w.e.f. 01.07.2017.

A. National/Departmental Council JCM
TA/DA entitlement as admissible to officers in Pay level 12 & 13 as per Department of Expenditure’s O.M. No. 19030 /1/2017-E.IV dated 13/07/2017 as under:
(i) Travel entitlement within the country - Economy class by Air or AC-I Class by Train including travel in Premium /Premium Tatkal /Suvidha/Shatabdi / Rajdhani Trains.
(ii) Reimbursement for Hotel Accommodation of upto Rs. 4500/- per day.
(iii) Reimbursement of food bills not exceeding Rs.1000/- per day.
(iv) Reimbursement of AC Taxi Charges of upto 50 kms per day.

B. Regional/ Office Council (JCM)
TA/DA entitlement as admissible to officers in Pay level 11 as per Department of Expenditure’s O.M. No. 19030 /1/2017-E.IV dated 13/07/2017 as under :

(i) Travel entitlement within the country - Economy Class by Air or AC-II Class including Rajdhani/ Shatabdi Express etc.
(ii) Reimbursement for Hotel Accommodation of upto Rs. 2250/- per day.
(iii) Reimbursement of food bills not exceeding Rs. 900/- per day.
(iv) Reimbursement of non-AC taxi charges of up-to Rs. 338/- per day for travel within the city

2. The admissibility of DA in case of free boarding and lodging, has been considered in Department of Expenditure. Daily Allowance is given to the Govt. employees as a reimbursement of the expenditure incurred by him on tour for his stay, food and travel at that station. In case of free boarding and lodging, the Govt. employee, if incurring any expenditure on local travel, can claim the same as per Para 2 E(i) and (iii) of the Annexure to OM No.19030/1/2017 E.IV dated 13.07.2017. The earlier system of giving 25% of DA has been discontinued. Also after implementation of 7th CPC recommendations, the facility of DA at 5th CPC rates is done away with.

3. This O.M. is issued with concurrence of the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure vide I.D. No.300377130/2018-E.IV dated 31.07.2018
(Juglal Singh)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India
Source: DoPT

Discussions with IBA on Medical Insurance Scheme

Discussions with IBA on Medical Insurance Scheme

(Registered under the Trade Unions Act 1926, Registration No: 727/MDS)
State Bank Buildings, St. Mark's Road, Bangalore - 560 001

DATE: 10.08.2018
We reproduce hereunder the text of AIBOC Circular No.57 dated 9th August, 2018 contents of which are self-explicit.
Date : 08-08-2018
Dear Comrades,


As already informed to units, bipartite meeting was held today between IBA and UFBU regarding renewal of our Medical Insurance Policy for serving employees/ officers as well as for the retirees for the ensuing period 2018-19. IBA team was represented by Shri Rajkumar, Dy. Chief Executive, Shri S K Kakkar, Sr. Advisor (HR&IR), and Shri K S Chauhan, Sr. Vice President (HR). All our constituent unions were present in the meeting.

IBA informed us that United India Insurance Co. has given their proposal for hike in the premium on the Policies both for the serving employees/officers as well as for the retirees as under:

Serving employees/officers : Increase in premium by 29% over existing rate Retirees (without Domiciliary) : Increase in premium by 110% over existing rate
Retirees (with Domiciliary) : Increase in premium by 144% over existing rate
We strongly objected to such steep hike in the rate of premium and informed the IBA that especially the hike in premium for the retirees is too exorbitant and not appearing to be relatable to actual claim ratio. We urged upon the IBA to take up with UIIC to drastically reduce the premium.

IBA informed us that they are already seized of the issue and the matter is being taken up with UIIC. We pointed out that the following points be kept in mind while finalizing the issue:

• There should be no attempt to discontinue the policy. Policy should be continued and renewed.
• The premium rates should be drastically revised downwards.
• Pending discussion with UIIC, the Policy for both serving employees and retirees should be extended upto 31-12-2018 with pro rata premium.
• Cost of upfront payment of annual premium should be factored in while finalizing the premium rate.
• Change in age profile of serving employees and retirees should be taken into account while working out the revised premium rates.
• IBA should take up with the Government for exemption of GST on premium amount.
• Renewed Policy should include a penalty clause for delayed sanction of bills/ reimbursement.
• If broker will not be involved in the scheme, suitable mechanism should be put in place to deal with cases of repudiation of claims, etc.
• Uniform guidelines should be given by IBA for sanction of amount under Buffer allocation.
• Premium should be worked out on a composite basis by clubbing both serving employees and retirees.
• Premium for retirees should also be paid by the managements.

IBA took note of the above points raised by us and assured to keep these views in mind while further dealing with the same.

Next round of Talks on 18-8-2018: Next round of Bipartite Talks (Sub-Committee) will be held on 18th August, 2018. Discussions will be held in the forenoon with the Officers Associations and in the afternoon with Workman Unions.

With greetings,
Yours comradely,
Source: http://aisbof.org

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