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Government Hikes GPF Interest Rate To 8% For October-December quarter

Government Hikes GPF Interest Rate To 8% For October-December quarter.

The government has increased the rate of interest for General Provident Fund (GPF) and other related schemes by 0.4 percentage points to 8 per cent for the October-December quarter.
The rate is in line with that for Public Provident Fund.

The interest rate on GPF was 7.6 per cent for the July-September quarter of 2018-19.

"… during the year 2018-2019, accumulations at the credit of subscribers to the General Provident Fund and other similar funds shall carry interest at the rate of 8 per cent with effect from October 1, 2018, to December 31, 2018," a Department of Economic Affairs' notification said.

The interest rate would apply on Provident Funds of central government employees, railways and defence forces.

Last month, the government announced that the interest on small savings, including NSC and PPF, will be hiked by up to 0.4 percentage point for the October-December quarter, to align it with rising deposit rates in the banks.


Appeal to NPS Pensioners - Confederation

Appeal to NPS Pensioners - Confederation

As you are aware Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers has been opposing and fighting against the Contributory Pension Scheme (known as NPS) from the very beginning.
At the time of introduction of NPS, it is only Confederation Confederation, All India State Govt Employees Federation and the Left parties which strongly opposed it. Now a situation has developed that more than 50% of the employees in Central Government & State Government services and also in Central / State Public Sectors are NPS employees and even those Federations / Unions / Associations in the Central / State Govt services who were either confused or kept quite or supported Govt decision to introduce NPS in the initial stage are compelled to change their original stand and started raising their voice against NPS.

Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers, as an organization spear heading this struggle, is making intensive campaign against NPS and trying to build up a broad united movement of all like-minded organizations, so that a wider and bigger movement is built up no sooner than later, with an ultimate aim of organizing a nationwide indefinite strike to "SCRAP NPS" in future, if Govt is not ready to change their stand.

For effective campaign and also to expose the hollowness of the claim of the Govt and supporters of NPS, the following details of those NPS employees who have already retired from service is required.

(1) Name in full and Designation at the time of retirement:
(2) Name of the office and Department from which retired.
(3) Date of entry in service.
(4) Date of retirement.
(5) Completed years of service.
(6) Basic pay at the time of retirement.
(7) Amount of Insurance Annuity Pension being received now per month.

The information should be authentic.

All are requested to cooperate and furnish the above information before 31-10-2018.
Secretary General Confederation
Mob & WhatsApp: 09447068125
Source: Confederation

Cadre Review of Barrack and Stores Cadre - MoD Orders

Cadre Review of Barrack and Stores Cadre - MoD Orders

Ministry of Defence

Subject: Cadre Review of Barrack and Stores Cadre- reg

Reference is invited to MoD letter no. 76002/1St CR/BS Cadre/CSCC/23(l)/2017/D(W-II) dated 15.12.2017 and letter dated 10.05.2018.

2. During Inter Ministerial consultation regarding the Post of Joint DG (Resources), DoPT have noted some procedural and other discrepancies and stated as under
(i) The proposal of BS Cadre does not specifically mention the cadre as organised Group 'A' Cadre. However, the proposal has been finalized in a manner that it contains attributes of organised Group 'A' service such as DR element at JTS to the extent of 50%, all standard grade of Group 'A' Service upto SAG, making all the posts above JTS promotional, provision of 30% NFSG and mention of NFU, As such, the proposal tantamount to formation of an Organised Group 'A' service.

(ii) As per procedural requirements, for formation of a Service as Group 'A' Cadre/Group 'A' Service/Organised ' Service, the cadre review guidelines issued by the DoPT on 14/12/2010 are applicable. Proposals for formation of a Service as Group 'A' Cadre/Group 'A' Service/Organised Services are to be placed. before the Cadre Review Committee (CRC) headed by Cabinet Secretary with Secretary (Personnel), Secretary (Expenditure), Secretary (Administrative Department) and the Senior Most Member of the service concerned as Members. Based on the recommendations of CRC, approval of MoS (PP) and Finance Minister is obtained and subsequently the proposal is submitted for approval of the cabinet. The above, procedure has not been completed in the Cadre Review of Barracks and Store Cadre and the sanction letter has been issued only on the basis of approval of Deptt. of Expenditure.

(iii) The Cadre Review for Barrack and Stores cadre may also have serious implication on. the concept of organized Group 'A' Service/ Group 'A' Service/ NFU/NFSG etc. and various court cases on the matter of organized status/NFU/extension of 30% NFSG etc.

(iv) Accordingly, MoD's letter dated 15/ 12/2017 needs to be immediately withdrawal/kept on hold wrt Group 'A' cadre till the approval of the competent authority (i.e Cabinet) on the Cadre Review/formation of Group 'A' Cadre/Group 'A' service/organized status. The procedure as per Cadre Review guidelines issued by the DoPT on 14/12/2010 needs to be followed and proposal submitted to DoPT along with all necessary details. However, if it is intended to retain the cadre as Group 'B'/Group 'C' and not as Group 'A', the proposal may be revisited accordingly in consultation with DoE and while revisiting the provisions of DR element at JTS, 30% NFSG, NFU etc. which are characteristic/attributes of organized Group 'A' service may be withdrawn.
3. E-in-C's Branch is requested to review the Cadre Review proposal and resubmit the file in the light of DoPT instructions whether they intend to retain the cadre as Group 'B'/ Group 'C' or intend to create an Organised Group 'A' service. Based on the inputs, the proposal will be resubmitted to DoE if it is decided to retain the Cadre as Group 'B'/Group 'C' or will be taken up with DoPT as per the guidelines if the intention is to create an Organised Gr 'A' Service.

4. Further, E-in-C's Branch is requested to keep the Pay and Allowances of Barrack and Stores Cadre (BSO and above) in abeyance in light of the DoPT instructions till finalization of the case and in case pay fixation of the posts (BSO and above) have been carried out immediate steps may be taken to withdraw the same.

5. This issues with the approval of competent authority.
(Vishnu Dutta Jha)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

PL Bonus 2017-18 - Civilian Employees of Defence Production Establishments - Ordnance Factory, DGQA, DGAQA

PL Bonus 2017-18 - Civilian Employees of Defence Production Establishments - Ordnance Factory, DGQA, DGAQA

BONUS 2018

Government of India,
Ministry of Defence,
(Deptt. of Defence Production)
New Delhi
Dated: the 15th Oct, 2018.

The Chairman.
Ordnance Factory Board,
10A, S, K. Bose Road,

The Controller General of Defence Accounts,
New Delhi;

The Director General of Quality Assurance,
New Delhi;

The Director General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance,
New Delhi;

Subject: Payment of Productivity Linked Bonus to Civilian Employees of Defence Production Establishments for the year 2017-18.

Madam Sir,
I am directed to refer to this Ministry's letter No.48(4)/98/D(B&C) dated 27 July, 2000 on the above subject and to convey the sanction of the President to payment of Productivity Linked Bonus for the year 2017-18 equivalent to 40 days wages to the eligible employees in Defence Production Establishments as mentioned therein with an overall ceiling of wages of Rs.7000/- per month. PLB is to be calculated taking average number of days per month as 30.4 days.
02. The casual labour who has worked for at least 240 days, in each year, for 03 years or more, will be eligible for this PLB payment. The amount will be paid on a notional monthly wages or Rs.1200/-. In case where the actual emoluments fall below Rs.1200/- per month, the amount will be calculated on actual monthly emoluments. All payments under these orders will be rounded off to the nearest rupee.

03.The above sanction is subject to the following condition:-

(a) OFB will submit a monthly status report on the progress achieved to review the formula for calculation of PLB which otherwise would have been reviewed after three years from implementation ie from the accounting year 1999-2000.

(b) GMs of each of the respective factories should submit the Certificate regarding standard man-hour for jobs whenever there is a change in production processes or when new labour saving machines are introduced, incorporating the following details :-
(i) Standard Man Hours before the installation of CNC Machines.
(ii) Standard Man Hours after the installation of CNC Machines.
(iii) Difference between the above two leading to savings in Standard Man Hours.
In the event of more than one CNC Machine being installed on two different occasions each time figures are to be updated for additional subsequent addition of CNC Machine.

04. The expenditure will be debited to Major Head 2079 of the Defence Service Estimates (Ordnance Factories) and to the respective Heads to which the pay and allowances of employees of allied establishment: are debited.

05. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Finance and MoD (Finance Division) vide their Dy. No. 361 dated 15/10/2018.
Under Secretary
Ministry of Defence
New Delhi



Tele: 25682870
Mil: 36833
Central Organisation, ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated Headquarters
Ministry of Defence (Army)
Maude Lines
Delhi Cantt-110010
05 Oct 18
All Regional Centres
1 Ref Para 18(a) of SOP on treatment Management in ECHS.

2. All prior sanctions for treatment in Non Empanelled Hospitals will be accorded by Dir RC except in the following cases:-

(a) Major cardiac surgery/ interventional cardiology.
(b) Oncology
(c) Organ transplant cases.
(d) Joint Replacement cases.
(e) Major Neurosurgical / Neurology cases.
(f) Bariatric surgery cases.
3. Format of prior sanction by Dir RC ECHS will be same as is being followed by CO ECHS.

4 Bills will be reimbursed at CGHS Rates only. No representation will be accepted for full reimbursement in such cases.

5. No TA is admissible in such cases.

6. Cases already received and dispatched by 10 Oct 18 will be processed by Central Org ECHS Org ECHS.
(Ravi Pal Kapoor)
Lt Col
Jt Dir (Med)

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