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One Rank One Pension (OROP) to the Defence Forces Personnel.

PCDA (P) Circular No. 609: OROP to the Defence Forces Personnel


Circular No. 609
Dated: 26.10.2018

1. The Chief Accountant, RBI, Deptt. Of Govt, Bank Accounts, Central Office C-7, Second Floor, Bandre- Kurla Complex, P B No. 8143, Bandre East Mumbai-400051
2. All CMDs, Public Sector Banks.
3. The Nodal Officers, ICICI/HDFC/AXIS/IDBI Banks
4. All Managers, CPPCs
5. Military and Air Attache, Indian Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal
6. The PCDA (WC), Chandigarh
7. The CDA (PD), Meerut
8. The CDA, Chennai
9. The Director of Treasury, All States
10. The Pay and Accounts Officer, Delhi Administration, R K Puram and Tis Hazari, New Delhi.
11. The Pay and Accounts Office, Govt of Maharashtra, Mumbai
12. The Post Master Kathua (J&K), Camp Bell Bay.
13. The Principal Pay and Accounts Officer Andaman and Nicobar Administration Port Blair.

Subject:- One Rank One Pension (OROP) to the Defence Forces Personnel.

Reference:- Gol, MoD letters No. 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Policy)-Part-II dated 07.11.2015 and 03.02.2016 circulated vide this office Circular No. 555 dated 04.02.2016 and amended vide Circular No. 557 dated 17.03.2016, Circular No. 566 dated 16.09.2016, Circular No. 580 dated 05.07.2017, Circular No. 581 dated 02.08.2017.

A Copy of GoI, MoD letter No. 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Pol)-Pt-II dated 17.10.2018 which is self explanatory, is forwarded herewith for further necessary action and immediate implementation.

2. Consequent upon issuance of GoI, MoD letter dated 17.10.2018, the tables No. 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 63, 64, 74, 83 and 92 have been modified to the extant mentioned in ibid Govt. letter. Pension of the affected pensioners may be reviewed and revised according to amended tables. However, if pension revised in these cases according to amended tables w.e.f. 1.7.2014 is less than the pension as on 30.06.2014, the same will not be revised of the disadvantage to the pensioners.

3. Further, in table No. 7, the pension rate of Hony. Nb. Subedar with qualifying service of 13 years has not been protected with reference to the lower rank viz Havildar of same qualifying service i.e. 13 years. As such following amendment may be carried out in tables No. 7.
Rank - Hony. Nb. Sub.
Group - X
Qualifying service - 13 Years
For - 8078
Read - 8136

4. Any arrears/recovery of overpayment pension would have to be adjusted by the concerned PDAs as per the extant rules/procedure.

5. All other terms and conditions remain unchanged.

6. This Circular has been uploaded on this office website www.pcdapension.nic.in for dissemination to all concerned.

No. Gts/Tech/0167/XXIX
Dated: 26.10.2018
(Sandeep Thakur)
Addl CDA(P)

7th CPC Notional Fixation for Defence Pensioners - PCDA Circular No. 608

7th CPC Notional Fixation for Defence Pensioners - PCDA Circular No. 608

PCDA Circular No. 608 - Defence Pensioners 7th CPC Notional Fixation 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th CPC Concordance Tables for Revision of Pension of Pre-2016 Pensioners

Office of the Principal CDA(Pensions)
Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad-211014
Circular No.608
The Officer-in-Charge
ROs/ PAOs (ORs)

Subject: Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners/ family pensioners in implementation of Govt. decision on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission concordance tables-regarding.

Reference: (1) This office Circular No. 570 dated 31.10.2016 and No. 585 dated 21.09.2017.
(Available on the website of this office www.pcdapension.nic.in)
(2) GoI, MoD letter No.17 (01)/2017/(02)/D(Pension/Policy) dated 17.10.2018.

Attention is invited to Para-4 of Gol, MoD letter No. 17 (01)/2017/(02)/D(Pension/Policy) dt 05.09.2017 circulated vide Circular No. 585 dated 21.09.2017, wherein it has been mentioned that revision of pension/family pension of all Armed Forces Personnel who retired! died prior to 01.01.2016 under first formulation was to be revised by notionally fixing their pay in the pay matrix recommended by the 7th CPC in the level corresponding to the pay in the pay scale! pay band and grade pay at which they retired! died. This was to be done by notional pay fixation under each intervening Pay Commission based on the formula for revision of pay. The revised rates of Military Service Pay, Non Practising Allowance, where applicable, and ‘X’ Group pay Classification Allowance for JCOs/ ORs, if applicable, notified in terms of 7th CPC orders, also to be added to the amount of pay notionally arrived at under the 7th CPC pay matrix and termed as notional reckonable emoluments as on 01.01.2016. The higher of the two Formulations i.e. the pension/family pension already revised in accordance with Gol, MoD letter No. 17(01)/2016-D(Pen/PoI) dated 29th October 2016 and modified vide letter No. 17(01)/2017 (01)/D(Pen/PoIicy) dated 04.09.2017 or the revised pension/ family pension worked out in accordance with Para 5 above, shall be granted to pre-2016 Armed Force Pensioners as revised Pension/ Family Pension w.e.f. 01.01.2016.

2. GoI, MoD vide letter No. 17(01)/2017/(02)/D(Pension/ Policy) dated 17.10.2018 has issued concordance tables to facilitate fixation of notional pay of pre-2016 defence pensioners! family pensioners by the concerned Record offices and attached Pay Account Offices in case of JCO/ORs of the three Services and PCDA(O) Pune/ Naval Pay Office, Mumbai/ AFCAO New Delhi in case of Commissioned Officers of Army/ Navy/Air Forces respectively. A copy of ibid Gol, MoD letter dated 17.10.2018 enclosed herewith for further necessary action, which is self-explanatory.

3. In view of the above, Record Offices are requested to prefer/forward the claims for revision of pension in respect of Pre-1.1.2016 pensioners/family pensioners in accordance with the instructions given in this office Circular No. 585 dated 21.09.2017 by using this concordance table for fixing the notional pay of the pensioner. However, it is informed that the LPC-cum-Data Sheet circulated in Circular No. 585 dated 21.09.2017 is under modification along with amendment in the software programme. An utility programme in this regard is also under development. The same along with detailed instructions will follow shortly.

No. Gts/Tech/7th CPC/0181/Vol-VII

Dated: 26.10.2018
(Sandeep Thakur)
Addl CDA (P)
Source: http://pcdapension.nic.in

Mutual Transfers permitted between staff in two different grades and not in intermediate grades

Mutual Transfers permitted between staff in two different grades and not in intermediate grades

No. E(NG)I-2018/TR/8
New Delhi, Dated: 26.10.2018
The General Manager (P),
All Indian Railways/PUs,
New Delhi.

Sub:- Mutual Transfer involving employees working in two different grades.

In terms of para 310 of IREM Vol. I 1989 Edition, Railway Servants can seek mutual transfer in the corresponding cadre of two Divisions/Offices/Railways and retain the seniority of the junior employees in their respective new units. The procedure for mutual transfer have recently been further simplified vide:-

(i) Board's letter No. E(NG)I-2017/TR/24 dated 22.09.2017 (RBE No. 131/2017) which delegates powers to Divisional Railway Managers in respect of mutual transfer, and
(ii) Board's letter No. E(NG)I-2017/TR/19 dated 06.07.2018 (RBE No. 99/2018) which enabled employees working in Level-I (GP Rs. 1800) belonging to any department/cadre to go on Mutual Exchange basis transfer with another employee working in Level-I (GP Rs. 1800) irrespective of cadre.

2. With a view to further enable employees to seek Mutual Exchange Transfer and in view of clarifications sought by some Zonal Railways in this regard and the demand of both and Federation e.g. NFIR and AIRF, Board have considered the matter. It has been decided that Mutual Transfers may also be permitted between staff in two different grades but only in the recruitment grade of the cadre and not in intermediate grades.

3. Both the employees seeking mutual exchange shall have to give a written undertaking accepting reversion unconditionally and willingly in their own interest to the recruitment grade and bottom seniority in their respective new Unit in order to avoid future litigation. The expression mentioned in preceding lines, should necessarily be incorporated in the application submitted by the employee concerned. The "Note" below para 2(b)(iii) of Board's letter No. E(NG)I-2017/TR/24 dated 22.09.2017 as mentioned in para 1 above stands deleted.

4. Other terms and conditions for mutual exchange including community restrictions contained in Board's letter No. E(NG)I-2004/TR/16 dated 14.08.2017 and 22.10.2007 remain.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Hindi version will follow.
(Prabhash Kumar)
Railway Board

Who are not Applicable to Dearness Relief on the pension - CPAO

Who are not Applicable to Dearness Relief on the pension - CPAO


NEW DELHI-110066
PHONES : 26174596,26174456,26174438
CPAO/IT&Tech/Salaries & Allowances of MPs /70/2018-19/146
Subject:- Applicability of Dearness Relief to the pensioner/Family Pensioner.

It has come to notice that the dearness relief is being paid on the pension to the pensioners who are not entitled to dearness relief on their pension. In this regard attention is invited to the Para 19.4 of the Scheme for Payment of Pension to Central Government Civil Pensioners by Authorized Banks (copy enclosed) wherein it is stated that the dearness relief on the pension is not payable to pensioners mentioned below:-

1) President/Vice-President
2) Ex-MP Lok Sabha
3) Ex-MP Rajya Sabha

CPPCs of the banks are requested to ensure that the dearness relief on the pension should not be paid to the pensioners mentioned above.

This issues with the approval of Chief Controller (Pension).
(Md. Shahid Kamal Ansari)
(Asstt. Controller of Accounts)

National Convention - Citizens Forum in Defence of Indian Financial Sector

National Convention - Citizens Forum in Defence of Indian Financial Sector

Citizens Forum in Defence of Indian Financial Sector


27th October 2018,
Constitutional Club, Speaker Hall Annexe,
New Delhi


Citizen Forum in Defense of Indian Financial Sector is organising a National Convention at Speaker Hall Annexe, Constitutional Club, V.P. House, Rail Marg, New Delhi - 110 001. Prominent speakers in this convention are - Economists - Prof. Prabhat Patnaik & Prof. Jayati Ghosh; prominent political leaders - Prof. Manoj Jha (RID) & Sh. Harish Rawat (Congress) and other prominent trade union leaders from financial sector -Insurance, Banking and representatives from Central Govt. Employees.

The network of Public Sector Financial Institutions which have played a highly laudable role in financial and economic development of modern India is an uncontested fact It is also a fact that Public Sector Financial Institutions in India provided shield to financial system in India during international financial crisis in 2008. Unfortunately, Moth Govt at Centre is hell-bent to destroy Public Sector Financial Institutions in the name of 'ease of doing business', also as a political class of a particular political leaning keeping in view the interest of Indian and foreign corporate houses and thus jeopardising the national interest.

This convention will discuss the whole gamut of neoliberal global agenda which Indian government is implementing with full zeal ignoring the ground realities in Indian context. The campaign in defence of Indian Financial sector will not be limited to this convention. Campaign will continue and will cover whole country in times to come in order to mobilise the people of this country to force the Indian Govt. to abandon neo-liberal agenda on financial sector in the best interest of this country.
We invite your representatives to cover this event which will start at 10.30 am on 27.10.2018 at Speakers Hall Annexe, Constitutional Club, V P Haase, New Delhi and will continue till 1 pm.
(Anil Kumar Bhatnakar)
Source: Confederation

Re-engagement of Retired Gazetted Officers in Exigencies of Services

Re-engagement of Retired Gazetted Officers in Exigencies of Services

No. 2018/Trans Cell/S&T/Contractual Staff
Dated: 25.10.2018
The General Manager, All Indian Railways/PUs, NF(Con), CORE
The DG/RDSO/Lucknow, DG/NAIR/Vadodara

Sub: Re-engagement of Retired Gazetted Officers in Exigencies of Services.
Ref: (1) PCPO/CR's letter no. P/HQ/R/952 dated 21.08.2018.
(2) Board's letter No. E(NG)-II/2007/RC-4/CORE/1 dated 16.10.17.

Keeping in view the difficulties being experienced by Zonal Railways due to vacant posts of Gazette Officers and with reference to letter at (1) above, Board (MS, FC & CRB) have approved re-engagement of retired officers in Junior Scale (only) as consultant in exigencies of the services against the vacant posts, with following conditions:
  1. General Managers are empowered to re-engage the retired officers.
  2. The Terms of Reference (ToR) of the work to be assigned shall be prepared and approved by GM and same shall be advertised as part of the application.
  3. Railway shall give publicity to such re-engagement, by publishing such requirements on Railway website with the eligibility criteria & application form.
  4. Suitability/Competency of the retired officer shall be adjudged before such re-engagement by a committee of three PHODs/CHODs/SAG as appointed by GM.
  5. While re-engaging such officers, medical fitness of the appropriate category shall be obtained from the designated authorities as per existing practices.
  6. The period of engagement shall be initially for one year and further extendable as per requirement.
  7. Maximum age limit of the re-engagement shall be 65 years.
  8. The engagement of consultant shall not be considered as a case of re-employment.
  9. 12 days leave in a calendar year on pro-rata basis is admissible.
  10. Re-engaged officer shall not be entitled for requisites such as HRA, CCA, Transport Allowance, Residential accommodation, etc. However, when required to travel in connection with official work, TA/DA admissible to regular employee working in the same Grade will be admissible.
  11. The designation shall be consultant followed by (trade name) i.e Officer appointed against the post of ADEN may be designated as Consultant (Engg.)
  12. Re-engaged officer shall be given the responsibilities like inspections, supervision, drawings, etc.
  13. Re-engaged officer shall not be made in charge of the unit like Branch Officer in the Division or independent in charge in the Construction unit.
  14. Re-engaged officer shall not be given the financial and D&AR powers and shall not be authorized to issue any safety certificate.
  15. The consultant shall not divulge any information gathered by him/her during the period of assignment related to the organization to anyone who is not authorized to know/have the same.
  16. Re-engaged officer shall be discharged immediately on joining of selected candidate(s) from UPSC or departmental selection or as per the recommendation of PHOD/CHOD concerned.
  17. Monthly remuneration of a retired officers being re-engaged be determined by reducing Pension-from his/her last pay drawn (i.e. Basic Pay +DA).
  18. This scheme is experimental in nature and is valid for two years from the date of issue of the letter.
This issues with the concurrence of Associate Finance of Transformation Cell of Railway Board.
Kindly acknowledge the receipt and ensure compliance.
(Umesh Balonda)
Executive Director/S&T
Transformation Cell
No. 2018/Trans Cell/S&T/Contractual Staff
  1. PFAs, All Indian Railways & Production Units
  2. The ADAI (Railways), New Delhi
  3. The Director of Audit, All Indian Railways
Copy: As per list attached.
(Sanjeeb Kumar)
Executive Director Accounts
Transformation Cell
Source: Confederation

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