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Induction of Female employees in Railways and other Central Government departments

Induction of Female employees in Railways and other Central Government departments


No. II/1/2019
Dated: 29.01.2019
The Chairman,
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,
Sub: Induction of Female employees in Railways and other Central Government departments - reg.

The provisions of the Constitution of India, ensured "Right to Equality'' to any person for employment opportunity in Government as well other than Government Institutions. Articles 14, 15 & 16 of the Constitution have enshrined the "Right to Equality'' to all the persons irrespective of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth. Equality of opportunity in the matters of emplo5rment has been provided under Article 16 of the Constitution for all citizens to employment or appointment to any office under the state.

In the above context, NFIR brings to the kind notice of the Railway Board (CRB) that on Railways female candidates are recruited through RRCs/RRBs/Compassionate appointment etc., to the posts of Track Maintainer, Junior Engineer, ESM Gr-I, Station Master, Assistant Pointsman, Helper, Technicians etc., in the Technical, Operating and other Departments. Certain jobs mainly Track Maintainer are arduous and hazardous as the staff are expected to work under open sky facing inclement weather conditions at remote places, jungle areas, where minimum basic necessities of life do not exist. The female Track Maintainers are facing these hardships in the course of performing their duties.

Vide PNM Agenda Item No. 23/015 at Railway Board's level, the NFIR demanded that the female Track Maintainers may be permitted to seek transfer to other Departments on completion of two or three years service. However, this issue is still pending.

Pursuant to the efforts of NFIR and discussions during PNM meetings, the Railway Ministry vide letter No. E(NG)III/2018/RR-I/13 dated 20/09/2018 (linked with Board's letter No. E(NG)I-99/CFP/23 (Vol. II) dated 14/1/2013 permitted Track Maintainers to seek change to other Cadres/Departments against 10% as well 40% vacancies, but sadly the instructions dated 14th November, 2013 are yet to be implemented by Zonal Railways due to non-availability of replacement as a result of no recruitment since the last over three years. Consequently, Track Maintainers (Male & Female) are put to sever hardships, while they have been bitterly complaining against non-compliance of Railway Board's instructions.

The light of the above facts, NFIR expects the Railway Ministry to give special consideration to Track Maintainers for the purpose of pursuing their career growth through lateral induction/transfer to other Departments. NFIR vide PNM Agenda Item No. 2312015 had also suggested that the recruitment from Open Market be made to the post of 1800 Grade Pay/Pay Level-l instead designation-wise recruitment thereby the 1st appointment of such recruitees shall be against the post of Track Maintainer and for filling minimum, in pay Level-l in other Departments the Track Maintainers can be drawn on option basis, thereby within a period of 5 to 7 years, they may get shifted to other cadres. It seems Railway Board have not yet considered this constructive proposal of NFIR.

NFIR hopes that the rights provided through "Constitution" for employment of female candidates shall be protected and implemented by the Railway Ministry without dilution/deviation and at the same time Federation urges upon the Railway Board to consider NFIR's demand (PNM Item No. 23/2015) relating to granting appropriate relief to female Track Maintainers working in the Railways.
NFIR also insists upon the Railway Board to continue the extant policy of recruitment of male and female candidates without discrimination, otherwise many complications may arise including that of public agitations and litigations. A line in reply is solicited.
Yours faithfully
(Dr. M.Raghavaiah)
General Secretary
Source: NFIR

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