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Excessive delay in the completion of railway pensioner's grievances – Dissatisfaction of Hon'ble MoSR/G and instructions

Excessive delay in the completion of railway pensioner's grievances – Dissatisfaction of Hon'ble MoSR/G and instructions

  (भारत सरकार) GOVERNMENT OF INDIA
(रेलवे बोर्ड) RAILWAY BOARD

RBA No. 14/2019

No. 2018/AC-II/21/11/Pn rep to MoS(G)

New Delhi, dated 18th March, 2019

Gencral Managers,
All Zonal Railways and Production Units

    Sub :- Inordinate delay in finalization of pension related grievances of Railway Pensioners.

Ref:- Board’s letter No. 2018 /AC-I1/21 11/Pn rep to MoS (G) dated 28.09.2018.

 Hon'ble MoSR(G) has expressed deep dissatisfaction at the inordinate delay, on one Zonal Railway, in inclusion of the name of unmarried disabled daughter in PPO. He has directed that efforts should be made to dispose off such grievances within a month’s time.

Attention is also drawn to Board’s letter under reference, wherein a detailed Action ‘Taken Report (ATR) was required to be submitted to Board’s office by 8.10.2018 by all Railways on status of disposal of pension related grievances. Many Zonal Railways took a prolonged period to report their respective status. This resulted in delay in submission of the ATR to MoSR/G. While reviewing the ATR, MoSR/G has expressed his displeasure and has directed that responsibility may be fixed for the delay in submission of the ATR, in the subject case. Further, MoSR/G has directed all the Zonal Railways and Production units to urgently initiate the following course of action:-

a) GMs, PCPOs and PE As needs to put a system in place for adapting a coherent approach in resolving the pension related grievances immediately;

b) Immediate action must be taken to digitize the records so that Railways move away from paper documentation;

c) Electronic communication means should be adopted, including periodic reporting, rules/records updation, seeking documents and disseminating information, to ensure regulatory disclosure; .

d) Updatation of pension related records and validation of revision by various stakeholders should be close to real time.

e) System improvement and technological upgradation should be adopted in strict time lines so that the system may come into force from 1st April, 2019.

 Action taken in this regard may kindly be reported to Board’s Office urgently latest by 25th March, 2019 .

(Anjali Goyal)
Principal Executive Director {Accounts)
Railway Board

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