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Minimum service condition for Inter-Railway request transfer

Minimum service condition for Inter-Railway request transfer

New Delhi, dt. 23.4.2019
The General Managers (P),
All Zonal Railways & Production Units,
(As per standard list)

Sub: Minimum service condition for Inter-Railway request transfer

Attention is invited to para (xi) of Board's letter No. E(O)/11/ 2014/PL/05 dated 30.08.2015, vide which it was stipulated that in case of non-Gazetted Railway employees, no inter-Railway transfer request will be considered till completion of five (05) years of joining Railway. Some of the Zonal Railways have sought clarifications as to (i) whether training period may be counted for reckoning of five years and (ii) whether, in addition to the four categories of employees who have been exempted from the 5-years restriction vide Board's letter of even number of even number dated 10.02.2017, an additional category of those suffering from chronic illnesses could be added for this exemption.

The matter has been considered carefully in Board's office, It is clarified that training period, wherever prescribed, would also be counted while reckoning five years; service in the Railway for becoming eligible for consideration towards inter-Railway request transfer. As regards inclusion of additional category of employees for the purpose of exemption from the 5-years minimum completion rule, this has not been agreed to.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Hindi version will follow,

(This disposes of south East central Railway's letter No. P-HQ/ RUL/ 116/ 1/ 2413 dated 25.9.2015 and Western Railways letters No. EP1140/O Vol.IV dated 25.10.2018 and dated 30.01-2019)
Dy.Director Estt.(N)
Railway Board
Source: NFIR

DoPT: One Week In-service Training (IST) programme for Officers of All India Service (IAS, IPS & IFoS), officers working under the Central Staffing Scheme

DoPT: One Week In-service Training (IST) programme for Officers of All India Service (IAS, IPS & IFoS), officers working under the Central Staffing Scheme

No. 12017/02/2019-TNP(S)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
[Training Division]
Block-4, Old JNU Campus
New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi-67
Dated: April 23, 2019
The Institutes (As per list)

Sub: One Week In-service Training (IST) programme for Officers of All India Service (IAS, IPS & IFoS), officers working under the Central Staffing Scheme, officers of Central Secretariat Service (CSS) and officers of Central Secretariat Stenographer Service (CSSS) (DS/Sr. PPS and above level): Inviting proposals from Institutions for In-Service Training during 2019-20.

The Training Division of the Department of Personnel and Training is the nodal agency for training of government functionaries and is primarily responsible for formulating policies with regard to training -. With the objective of addressing competency gaps of government employees, the Division also directly implements certain training components. Under One Week In-Service Training (1ST) Scheme, officers of All India Services (lAS, IPS & IFoS), officers working under Central Staffing Scheme and officers of CSS/CSSS (DS/Sr. PPS and above level) are offered one week training programmes at various reputed institutes in India.

This letter is to invite proposals from the interested institutes for conducting one week in service training programme for 2019-20 in diverse and broad thematic areas, such as, Administrative Law, Agricultural & Rural Development, Climate Change (preparedness), Competition Law (policy formulation), Corruption (eradication strategy), Education (reforms & challenges), E-governance (opportunities & challenges), Environment & Natural Resource (management), Environmental Impact Assessment (development projects), Ethics (Public Governance and Administration), Financial Markets (regulation), Fiscal Policy (Macroeconomic Management), Governance (IT management and improving through accountability), Infrastructure (Finance), Innovations (public service), Land Acquisition (rehabilitation & resettlement), Leadership, Participatory Management (Community Mobilization), PPP (negotiating strategies and urban development), Procurement (procedure & contracting), Project Analysis/Appraisal (risk analysis/management), Public Policy (management/governance), Quantitative Methods (management), Service Delivery (management), Social Policy (Governance), Social Sector (financing/marketing), Urban Development, WTO (basic/advance course), Citizen Centric, Cyber Crime, Stress Management, etc.

The proposal should include:

(a) A brief about the institute, infrastructure, faculty, core competence, and previous experience in conducting such programmes;
(b) Thematic focus of the course and the course title;
(c) Two suitable dates for each course between July 2019 to February 2020 as in April & May 2019 and March 2020 courses are not scheduled in view of Budget Session of the Parliament;
(d) Names and CV of the faculty members who would be imparting the training;
(e) How will the training be relevant to government servants and help them discharge their duties more effectively;
(f) Specific skills proposed to be instilled in the participants with regard to governance and administrative/technical skills;
(g) Name and CV of proposed Course Coordinator along with contact details;
(h) Draft programme design, content and pedagogy, draft time table-starting on Monday and closing on Friday;
(i) A paragraph on how the proposed course will be different from those offered by competing institutions;
(j) One page flyers with regard to programs the institute proposes to conduct for the academic year 2019-20 for the information of potential participants;
(k) Allocation of one day of the 1ST programs for field visit to important organizations or public sector bodies so as to give greater exposure to the government officers to policy implementation and ground level working;
(l) Feedback received from participants

Formal proposal may be sent to this Department before May 6, 2019.

(A.N. Narayanan)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India
Source: DoPT

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