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CGHS Package Rates for 15 Investigations under CGHS 2020

CGHS Package Rates for 15 Investigations under CGHS 2020
CGHS Package Rates for 15 Investigations under CGHS 2020


S-1101110912019/ Addg.HQ/ CGHS
Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
Directorate General of CGHS

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated the 14th January,2020


Subject: Notification of CGHS Rates for 15 Investigations under CGHS

With reference to the above mentioned subject the undersigned is directed to draw attention to the Office memorandum No S.11045/ 36/2012-CGHS (HEC) dated 01.10.2014 vide which CGHS package rates for various treatment procedures and investigations were notified by the Government for Health Care Organizations (HCOs) empanelled under CGHS and to state that representations from various stake holders regarding non-availability of CGHS rates for some of the investigations have been received in this Ministry. The matter was reviewed and it is now decided to notify CGHS package rates for the following investigations and their inclusion in CGHS rate list as under:

S. No.Name of Unlisted Investigations/ Unlisted ImplantRecommended Rates (in Rupees)
1.Kappa Lambda Light Chains, Free, Serum3500/-
2Serum IGE level300/-
3NT-Pro BNP1800/-
4CECT Chest2500/-including CD
5MRI-Prostate (Multi-parametric)6000/-including CD
6HCV RNA Quantitative1500/-
8Protein Creatinine Ratio, Urine120/-
9Fibroscan Liver1000/-
10HLA B27 (PCR)500/-
11Montoux Test175/-
13TORCH Test1120/
14Lntracoronary OCT (AIIMS Rates)65000/-+GST
15FFR Wire cost (AIIMS Rates)Wire as per AIIMS rates of Rs. 23500 + GST And procedure charges as per existing CGHS rates of Rs. 15000 for NABH and Rs. 12750 for Non NABH hospitals

The rates for investigations from S.No.1 to S.No.13 are for Non-NABL/ Non-NABH accredited HCOs. The rates for NABL/ NABH accredited HCOs shall be 15% more. The rates from S.No.14 &15 shall be common for both NABH-accredited /Non-NABH accredited HCOs.

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These rates shall come in to force from the date of issue of the letter.

This issues with concurrence of Integrated Finance Division of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare vide CD No 3495 dated:13.01.2020.

Sd/-(Dr. Manoj Jain)
Addl. DDG (HQ), CGHS

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